Local Warfare Re: Portable

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Local Warfare Re: Portable

1.7 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best online war games that you can enjoy.

If you are a fan of action and shooting games, you can try Local Warfare Re: Portable for Android, which is one of the most famous games of competition with real people all over the world by playing through the Internet, where the game revolves around creating two teams for each team with different tasks from the other team , and each team must protect its own area, and the other team tries to penetrate the area and so on.

Download Local Warfare Re: Portable for Android with a direct link

The first appearance of the game Local Warfare Re: Portable was on the twenty-ninth day of November 2020, through the Dazed games group, which is located inside Taiwan, and this game is considered one of the shooting and shooting games, and the most important features of this game is that you can play this game with your friends.

You can download the game through the Play Store or by using the direct link below, and enjoy the most powerful action game on your mobile phone.

The game has a lot of different weapons that you can use during the gameplay; So that you can eliminate all competitors and win game levels, and this game is characterized by its very small size and therefore anyone can download it to his phone easily without the need for a large space, and this game works on Android phones and therefore can be downloaded from the Play Store.

The game can also be downloaded on iPhone devices by downloading the game through the Apple Store, and the game is characterized as a three-dimensional game, and it has a lot of distinctive graphics that increase the enthusiasm and excitement of players during the game.

Download Local Warfare Re: Portable for mobile

After downloading the game on the mobile phone, you will find that the events of the game revolve around the player performing a set of tasks in order to eliminate the living dead; So that he can save people from their hands through the use of a set of firearms and bombs, and this game is considered one of the most famous team games that depends on the formation of two competing teams, each team has its own area that must be defended.

Each of the two teams is trying to penetrate the other team’s area, and the other team is trying to defend its own area, and so the roles are exchanged between the two teams during all rounds of the game, and this increases the excitement and suspense in the game; Where each team feels the enthusiasm and the desire to eliminate the other team so that it can maintain its territory.

One of the most important features of the game is that you can enjoy playing with your friends who are inside your internet without the need for a service, all your task is only to turn on the internet until you connect the devices and start playing within the internet, and the number of players inside the game can be up to 32 Player in one battle at a time.

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Features of Local Warfare Re latest version

The game has many features that made it the most popular action game on Android phones and iPhones, the most important of which are the following:

  • The most important feature of the game is the enjoyment of multiplayer online play without the need for a service.
  • The game is characterized by its small size, it does not need a large space in order to download it on the phone.
  • The game contains five battle arenas, and the designs of these arenas vary, and there are many places to hide.
  • In the game there are beautiful sound effects that raise the enthusiasm of the players.
  • The game contains a lot of weapons that help players to eliminate rivals.

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