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Mobile location tracking app

Today we offer you an application to track the geographical location of phones through Download the Locate via SMS app for Android With a direct link, it is an application for Android devices that enables users to track the other party and know its location with ease

Download an application Locate via SMS for Android with a direct link

Among the things that everyone, especially parents, are looking for is a special application in order to know the location of their children and track all their movements, as life is full of accidents and crimes, and therefore this has become a necessity for every parent to monitor children anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, among the applications that provide a service to monitor and determine the geographical location of any person is the Locate via SMS application

The Locate via SMS program is one of the most popular programs that many people from different countries of the world rely on to monitor their loved ones, track them accurately, and check their whereabouts and movements easily through their phones at all times.

And by installing the application on your phone and on the phone of the person whose movement and geographical location you want to track, you can see all the information related to the location of that person, which makes you aware that the conditions cause their location and movement all the time.

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How does the app work Locate via SMS apk for mobile

The Locate via SMS application works through the GPS feature, as it tracks the movement of the phone across the map and shows you at any time the exact location of another phone on which you downloaded the application.

The program sends all information related to the geographical location to the mobile phone by sending short SMS messages, but the monitored mobile phone must have credit in order for all information related to its location to be sent to the other phone.

What are the features of the program Locate via SMS for Android

Application contains locate via sms apk It has an amazing set of features that make it one of the best applications for monitoring the locations of other mobile phones, and the most important and prominent of these features are the following:

  • The application comes completely free of charge, and you can download it through the download links on our website Apkxi
  • The program works on all versions of Android phones, and thus enjoy it without any problems
  • This program provides a mobile phone location service through Google Maps with unparalleled accuracy among other programs
  • The program also provides all information about the state of the telephone network.
  • You can easily track your mobile flight at any time.
  • You can check the battery status of the monitored phone.
  • The application interface is easy to use and all available options can be accessed easily and without any complications
  • The application has a very small size and therefore it does not take up space on your phone in addition to that it does not take up the materials of the device

How to use text messaging to locate through an app Locate via SMS for Android

Note: The SMS location application is not available in the Google Play Store because it does not comply with the store’s terms and policies, so you can only find this application through our website

  • Or notYou have to download the “Locate by SMS” application by clicking on one of the links on our website, Apkxi
  • secondly Once you download and install the app on your phone. You must open the application and agree to turn on the GPS service for the program to work properly.
  • Third In this step, you must follow the same previous steps and fully install the application on the phone whose location you want to monitor and track its movement
  • Fourthly restart the phone, use the software again, and make sure that location services are turned on on the phone
  • Fifth , via the search box at the top of the interface, the website via the SMS program. Enter the phone number of the phone whose movement and whereabouts you want to track.
  • Sixth, then click the Path button. The program will start searching directly for the location of the other phone.
  • Seventh , After a while, you can see the location of the other party’s mobile phone. And find out a bunch of information about it like battery and network status.

So follow all the previous steps, and you will be able to easily track the movement of your phone and know its location through this service, completely free of charge

Some notes to know before using the app

Note 1: As we told you before, the other phone whose movement you want to track and know its whereabouts must have enough credit to send all its information to your phone via SMS, otherwise this method will not work for you to track the location of another phone.

Note 2: You can also track a bunch of other phones by typing their numbers into Locate by SMS, but only if you have the software installed on them so you can locate them.

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