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Lords Mobile

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Interesting strategy war game

to you Lords MobileLords Mobile is a strategy war game developed and published by IGG. The game has been released in multiple versions for download on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The game is available to download for free, but there are purchases and upgrades within it. The game was a huge success; The number of downloads of the game exceeded 200 million downloads on various official stores. In 2016, Lords Mobile won the Google Play Award for Best Competitive Game of 2016, and in 2017 was nominated as the Best Multiplayer Game, making Lords Mobile one of the most popular strategy games globally.

Download Lords Mobile game on Android phones with a direct link

Download Lords Mobile 2021 with the latest version via its direct link inside the site, and enjoy the latest strategy game. First you have to build your own empire within the game, then collect your soldiers and heroes and train them for war and fighting, then lead them as warlords to conquer the enemy kingdoms, and emerge victorious from the battle, where you can use the superhero powers.

Then you will get loot in money and gems to be able to build an academy to develop your own empire. Lords Mobile game comes with distinctive character designs and HD graphics and quality that you can use superhero powers.

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Features of downloading Lords Mobile with a direct link for free

The game provides its users with many advantages, the most important of which are:

  1. You can configure a multiplayer strategy.
  2. Play online and compete with other players around the world.
  3. Distinguished character designs, 3D images and graphics with precision and quality.
  4. You can spy on your enemies. You can also follow up on the results of the war through the live broadcast of the statistics.
  5. You can make alliances with other empires and kingdoms to conquer the world.
  6. Heroes have superpowers that you can use in combat battles with enemies.
  7. You can move your kingdom to any other place you want with one click.
  8. The game is available for free download on Android phones and tablets, and you can also download it on iPhones and computers.
  9. You can do the strengthening of your forces to achieve the ultimate victory over your enemies.
  10. Players can participate in various competitions within the game. This is for the purpose of capturing a location on the map, and obtaining rewards for themselves or the guild of which they are a part.

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Lords Mobile game modes and gameplay

When you download Lords Mobile via the direct link from within the site, you will find that the game combines role-playing, realistic strategy, and building mechanics. Players develop their own base and build a powerful army to attack and destroy enemy bases, then seize resources and loot, and capture enemy leaders. Players can only attack enemies from their kingdom.

The game includes several modes of play as follows:

  1. PvE Mode (Heroes Mode): The player takes on a series of challenges with the help of special and superheroes. As you earn a stage, you will get new heroes and items for hero gear.
  2. Colosseum (PVP mode): Choose up to five heroes and fight against other player’s pre-selected heroes. After each victory you achieve, you get a higher position in the ranking of the Colosseum. You also get gems based on rank.
  3. PvE (Labyrinth) mode: Challenge monsters to get resources and speed-up items. Players may also win a grand prize for gems.
  4. Kingdom Tycoon Mode: Players roll the dice to move forward until they reach the end of the map.

The offensive and defense operations in the game depend on tactical and strategic thinking; To be able to plan well and make quick decisions related to the current situation.

There is a maximum number of soldiers that can be sent to the offensive, which is only 375,000. When building your army the number of soldiers must be taken into account, so that you do not create an army more than your hospitals can accommodate. If you are attacked and your soldiers are wounded, the hospitals will not receive more than they were designed for, and the rest will die.

Make sure to do research, improve buildings, and complete daily tasks. You should also participate in all events, and follow the news section to learn about the ongoing procedures.

Use the map to see all the players and monsters you can attack and hunt; So as to get rewards.

Food production should be taken care of as well as the training of the troops. Build farms as you expand the land of your kingdom. You can also take over outdoor farms so you can gather more food and keep your troops growing and satiated. You should also take care of building several hospitals for your soldiers.

Guilds are one of the most important elements of Lords Mobile

Joining guilds has an important function in the game, as it will give you many advantages:

  • Build and search times will be much shorter.
  • You will earn coins for purchasing in the shop.
  • Can give, receive and share resources between guild members.
  • Troops can be granted and received between guild members.
  • You can gather forces from several different members to launch a joint attack more easily.
  • You get access to guild-exclusive missions.

Buildings inside the game Lords Mobile

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the in-game buildings and their function as follows:

  1. Castle: This is the main building in the game.
  2. Barracks: where the soldiers are.
  3. Hospital: to receive and treat wounded soldiers.
  4. Farm: where food is produced and stored.
  5. Sawmill: The place where wood is produced and stored.
  6. Quarry: The place where stone is produced and stored.
  7. Mining: Minerals are produced here.
  8. Mansion: Produces gold.
  9. Warehouse: Storage of large amounts of resources.
  10. Academia: Research and technology development takes place here.
  11. Workshop: Merge materials and form teams of champions.
  12. Battle room: To carry out joint attacks with allies.
  13. Prison: To imprison enemy leaders.
  14. Treasure Room: Deposit gems.
  15. Shelter: protect troops while sleeping.
  16. Barco: A shop selling things.
  17. Watchtower: It is for allied movements, enemy attacks, explorations, and more.
  18. Wall: To defend against enemy attacks.

You can now download Lords Mobile game from our website, and enjoy playing as a professional player.

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