Metal Slug Code: J

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Metal Slug Code: J

0.6.0 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is one of the best shooting games that you can try in an atmosphere full of suspense.

If you are a fan of legendary adventure games, you can try out Metal Slug Code: J for Android, which is an arcade game that has become very popular. Since the release of the game in the nineties, the responsible for the development of the game has been concerned with the release of everything new in the game. Where you will live the most exciting experience of shooting the enemies. At the same time, you try to avoid any obstacles standing in front of you.

Metal Slug Code: J for Android

You can download the game through the direct link in the game, which takes you directly to the game; Until you download the game, and enjoy the best shooting game on your phone, as you enjoy a lot of characters in the game, and a set of scenes that are designed with a two-dimensional system, and the game developer has introduced a new set of additions, such as the introduction of a set of three scenes Dimensions that add to the game beautiful touches during the gameplay.

The game was developed; It even fits smart phones, where you can use a set of buttons to face any problems that appear in front of you in the game, in addition to that you can shoot the enemies, and avoid any traps that impede your progress in the game levels, and there are three-dimensional structures in the game, and the game uses Pixel art, which adds to this game more attractive, and therefore many people prefer to download the game.

Download Metal Slug Code: J for mobile

The game is considered one of the most famous shooting games, and it was released on July 20, 2022, and the game is distinguished by the fact that it does not need a large space in your mobile phone. As the game has an area of ​​1.6 MB, in addition to that, after downloading the game, 700 MB is added directly after downloading.

The game is characterized by allowing you to have a nice time by skipping all levels of the game. In addition, you can collect a lot of points, and you can unlock a lot of heroes who are distinguished in this game with new weapons. So you can kill the most powerful enemies, in addition, you can use tanks that increase the strength of your defense.

The game has five attractive levels, where you have to discover a lot of new areas and go through floods and forest fires. You can fight the most famous mega characters in the game, in addition, you can partner with one of your friends. And you play the game with him, as the game allows two players to play, in addition to the fact that you can download the game for free without charging any fees.

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Features of Metal Slug Code: J Latest Version

Metal Slug Code: J has a very wide range of features that made it the best game, as follows:

  • The game features 2D and 3D designs that provide the most beautiful gaming experience for all players.
  • You can control the entire game by touching the screen from the right and left, and there is one side to shoot.
  • There are many levels in the game that make you feel excited and excited while playing.
  • You can join one of your friends in the game; It allows two players to play the game.
  • The game is free and does not charge you any money when you download the game.
  • You can upgrade your weapons at any time, plus you can use a large group of tanks that strengthen your defense.
  • The most important feature of the game is its small size, as it does not need a large space on your mobile phone.

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