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1.3.14 Android 4.4 and later
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It is a very cool photo app that helps you to move your photos and make them better.

Motionleap for Android is such a legend that you don’t expect it to do this. This application animates still images, giving them life and making them a beautiful animated picture. You can enjoy moving and editing photos with the in-app photo editing elements. This application produces animated images that you cannot imagine, and you can publish these images on social networking sites. Until your friends see it and they will certainly admire its shape, they will see a very beautiful picture that is close to the real reality.

Motionleap app for Android

This application allows whoever uses it to convert his images into moving images, and this application adds to the images some parts and elements that make them move and give them an attractive and wonderful view and make them really real, and this application does not make the image move in video mode, but rather makes it just an image whose parts move for a few seconds. Up to video times in general, these images are unique and surely many people who use this application from all over the world will like them.

Indeed, this application has won the admiration of millions, because it is not like any other application, but rather adds to the images something of another kind that did not exist before, and this application will be of great importance in the time of vacation and expenses when taking pictures, so you can enjoy changing them in order to preserve these beautiful moments But in a very wonderful way and different from the old traditional pictures.

Download Motion Leap by Lightricks app for Android

Through the Motion Leap by Lightricks application, you can make pictures move while you are in the middle of the water, or take a picture behind the waterfalls, and this application makes all these scenes behind you animated, as if you took a video of this scene. from life.

This application really competes with all similar applications and takes the lead because of the tools and elements provided by the application, as it makes the images change in an incredible way, and also provides highlights and improvements that no other application can provide for you, as it has many animated forms that you never see in any application else.

This wonderful application can make you famous among your friends with beautiful images that have no equal. You can share this application with your friends so that they know it and enjoy animated images that look like reality. You can share these images on social networking sites, and certainly you will catch the attention of many people with these attractive images. One of the most famous people with these images, and with all these features in this application, it is issued to you completely free of charge and does not require any payment fees when downloading from the Google Play Store. all over the world.

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Features of the latest Lightricks app

  • This application has an easy-to-use main interface and has many great graphics that everyone deals with when downloading the application for the first time.
  • It features elements and tools not found in any other similar app.
  • Through this application, you can add some tools to your still photos that make them live and give them touches of beauty.
  • This application features new and innovative ideas that are only in it.
  • It features advertisements and instructions that teach you how to use the tools and effects in it.
  • This application is small and does not require much space on the phone when downloaded.

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