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My Diary – Diary, Secret Notebook Android 5.0+
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Keep track of your diary and secret thoughts in an easy and organized manner

My Diary – Daily Diary Journal apk is a free thought writing app that is protected with a security lock that you can use to keep track of your diary, secret thoughts, events of your day, mood and any personal moment. It’s a photo note that supports adding themes, stickers, emotions, fonts and other endless options to make your personal diary more lively and secure.

Download My Diary – Daily Diary Journal apk for Android with a direct link

supports Download My Diary App – Diary, Secret Notebook for Android The ability to set a password for the note to protect your memory and confidentiality of the diary In addition, you can format your diary using google drive or Dropbox to keep it safe and make your diary available on all your personal devices not only that, but you can also save the photobook in different formats such as TXT, PDF or print it

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Features of Downloading My Diary App – Diary, Secret Book for Android

He owns my diary app – diary, secret notebook My Diary – Journal, Diary, Daily Journal with Lock apk Android has a lot of endless features and features, the most prominent of which are the following:

Simple and easy to use

Most of the users will find that My Diary – Secret Diary is very easy to use due to the clear and intuitive user interface of the app thus from here, you will be able to use most of the features of the app from the home screen. Feel free to use different templates to have your new notes ready in seconds. A list of all your past notes on the home screen so you can see them right away. Navigate through the list of notes and interact with each note using simple touch controls and gestures.

Save the moments of your life

My Diary – Diary, Secret Notebook is a diary application that you can write a journal, add photos and make your diary more refreshing.

It is also a special note-taking app that contains free photos and videos. Write your notes and add photos and videos as it’s time to say goodbye to traditional laptops

Eye protection pattern to keep you healthy

Turn on eye protection mode before writing a memo so you don’t have to worry about writing memos for a long time. You can also put stickers and mood trackers to take care of your mood

Providing many beautiful and wonderful stickers that are constantly updated, so you can use them to express your mood in your secret diary

Some feelings cannot be expressed in words, so choose the Emotional Note symbol.

You can also add your mood when you start your journal, and you can see how your mood changes with the mood calendar

Easy-to-search markup and a great way to organize your notes

You can add symbols to your diary My Diary – Diary, Secret Notebook as this makes it easy to search your written notes. Such as travel diary, mood diary, love diary, baby diary, maternity diary, daily diary, pregnancy diary, work diary, etc.

Great diary organizer.

It is a free digital diary app with a security lock where you can write your secret diary anytime and anywhere as long as you want and therefore it will always be with you and I will always listen to you.

Save to format TXT, PDF, Printer

My Diary – Secret Diary app supports keeping notes and journals in TXT PDF format and in case you want to print your daily diary as a keepsake? Don’t worry, the app supports it

So this is a very good memo logging app that is worth installing on your device. As a diary, my diary will always be with you and listen to you.

Enable notes in calendar view

In addition to the intuitive and well-organized default view, My Memos – Diary users can access their notes via Calendar Mode, which allows you to view available notes in a calendar format. Here, the calendar view allows you to view your notes based on added or selected time periods. So make it easier to manage and make sure everything goes according to plan. Just look at the calendar view to see when and where certain notes are needed.

What are the reasons why My Diary – Diary, Secret Notebook is the essential app to use on your phone

  • This application comes completely free of charge, and you can download the application My Diary – Diary, Secret Book for Android through the download links on our website apkxi
  • Safe personal diary always under your protection
  • This is a personal diary that is protected with a security lock as it allows you to set a password and protect your personal diary
  • Support fingerprint protection. Open your notes in seconds, and on this; Never worry about forgetting your memo password
  • Easy and beautiful adjustable diary app Always be yourself
  • In addition, My Diary – Diary app offers many beautiful skins to choose from which makes your diary full of magic.
  • Night Mode Create your own diary and browse through it at night freely and easily
  • Choose a background while writing a diary to get a feel for the beauty of your diary.
  • Sync and save notes so you’ll never lose your memory
  • Synchronize your magazines with your google drive account and never lose your memories again
  • Check your photos or written notes and access them across your different devices.

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