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Opera browser with free VPN

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Opera browser is one of the most popular and fastest browsers

we present to you Download Opera apk browser for Android Each browser differs from the other in terms of the features and services it provides, and the opinions of users differ in each browser in terms of choosing the best and most suitable for each user.

Download Opera apk browser for Android with a direct link

Opera apk is one of the best browsers for Android, used by more than 300 million people around the world, and it is a multi-tasking browser, through which the user can view various tasks, receive and send messages on e-mail, manage dialogues and chats on various sites, in addition to downloading various files from the Internet and reading RSS, and in addition to all those tasks that the user can perform through the user, it can also support personal computers and mobile devices.

Opera browser interface

Opera is distinguished from other browsers by a number of features or tools that are available in other browsers, where each user can change the main interface of the program according to the form he desires, and it can be changed to dark mode or to any colors that agree with the user’s taste, and the program also allows Quick switching between night mode and normal mode, and the sidebar in the program provides a number of shortcuts and options that facilitate use and browsing. You can also change the language, as the browser provides about 25 different languages, including Arabic, in addition to a number of other features and additions.

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Opera privacy and security

The Opera program provides security and privacy for users, so the user can, through the use of Opera in browsing, delete cookies, synchronization files, and temporary files, as well as delete private and personal data and clear the search history on the browser. This browser uses highly secure encryption systems when browsing websites. This browser also provides the ability to add a password to enter the browser to ensure that no one else can access it, in order to prevent anyone from viewing your personal data or e-mail messages.

Features of the Opera apk browser for Android mobile

  1. The browser is easy to use and anyone can handle it
  2. The browser offers special capabilities to allow people with disabilities and special needs to use it, as the blind or those with limited mobility can use the browser easily.
  3. The browser offers to change its home screen to suit the user, where the colors or interface design can be changed
  4. Through the browser, you can change the size and zoom of text and images
  5. The user can control the voice, so it can be lowered and raised, or knowing the pronunciation of some words
  6. The Opera apk browser provides a dictionary and also offers the ability to correct spelling errors
  7. Opera apk browser provides more privacy and security than other browsers, through which cookies can be cleared after browsing, personal data erased, and so on.

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Features of downloading Opera apk browser for Android

The first version of Opera Mobile appeared in the year 2000, and the Opera apk browser was distinguished by a number of features that set it apart from other browsers, such as:

  1. The size of the Opera apk homepage changes according to the user’s desire
  2. The screen can be resized to fit the phone screen to make the user feel like using a computer for browsing
  3. The page can also be zoomed in to see the writing or images more accurately through the browser.
  4. opera mini appeared in 2005, providing the user with compressing the page and reducing its size, thus increasing browsing speed and reducing internet consumption
  5. Opera apk browser allows sending and receiving files without connecting to the Internet and without using any data. It can also transfer images without a direct connection and at very good speeds of up to 300MB/s, which makes it the best choice for many people.
  6. Opera also provides a feature to prevent or block annoying ads, allowing you to browse smoothly and easily without suffering from many ads.
  7. The Opera browser, through the feature of artificial intelligence, can provide the information and news you are looking for, to provide the user with his favorite channels and topics
  8. The user can browse off line without the user being connected to the Internet, and the user can choose the automatic update feature when connected to a Wi-Fi network
  9. The Opera application also provides night mode to protect the eyes from intense light while browsing and reading in the dark

Download opera apk browser with direct link

You can download Opera apk browser through Download the Opera apk browser, with the direct link on Google Play, to take advantage of the many features that we mentioned for this browser on your mobile phone, and enjoy browsing with great speed and ease, beyond any other browser.

Thus, we have briefly presented a link to download the Opera apk browser for Android, in addition to learning more information about the opera browser and its most important features, privacy and security in this browser.

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