Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon

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Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon

1.18.1 Android 5.0+
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Especially for fans of business simulation and strategy games

We offer you to download Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon Mobile Game for Android, which is the latest version of the adventure game which was launched by Pixel Federation Games and is especially for fans of business simulation and strategy games and especially those who love ships and ship transport services

While at first glance comparable to a casual business simulation, Port City: Ship Tycoon’s simple and in-depth gameplay requires a certain level of strategic planning and execution.

As the owner of a shipping services company, your job is not only to transport goods from point A to point B, but your ships and warehouses require continuous management and upgrades.

Thus you should always keep an eye on the available jobs to get the profits you need to keep your company going

Download game Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon for Android with direct link

Presents Download Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon game for Android Simple gameplay and controls and its unique concept takes a little time to get used to especially if you haven’t played any similar games before

Fortunately, the courses are properly designed to ensure that all the basics are covered and new features are unlocked as you learn, and they come with instructions and a brief description of each task or challenge you undertake.

So knowing what to do and how to do it ensures progress and whatever choices you make you can keep going

However, the progression system within Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon is more influenced by strategy, so if you are just starting to manage your ships and are looking for the best way to grow your business

Along with a beginner’s guide to port cities, Ship Tycoon is sure to provide you with all the tips and strategies you need to become a great port and ship tycoon.

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Game download features Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon for Android

The game has many countless features and features, the most prominent of which are the following:

Understand how it all works

events are taking place Port City Ship Transit Tycoon apk About the simple concept of providing transportation services beside that it has its own sharing mechanism which needs to be fully understood in order to complete each task with maximum efficiency

Based on this, you can always progress in Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon without error at the end of the game. However, you may want to use your resources and abilities to get to the top and make progress as quickly as possible.

And do not forget that there are trials and waiting times, so plan in advance and plan every step of the way in order to reach the main goal in a sound and clear manner.

Multiple cities and maps

There are currently 3 cities you can work on, and although the last 2 cities are locked behind level landmarks our focus will be on the #1 city, San Francisco, because learning to run your business here will eventually prepare you to manage all 3 cities when you get there.

Thus, you must be very familiar with the requirements and limitations and know the different environments of your business to learn the best ways to overcome them.

The first is the ship, which is the main tool of the trade as you need ships to get resources and deliver them and other goods to different customers in addition to that ships need senders, go ahead at any time so you can get boats from containers in the shop but at first you need Keys or gems to buy

Multiple advanced and rare ships

In Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon the ships come in 4 different rarities, which indicates their durability so you can view your vehicle and its details through the dock which can be accessed via the ship icon on the left side of the screen and depending on the rarity the ships have segmented abilities that can be Upgrade it with parts and coins

Your ship is critical to getting the job done and you will always have at least 5 consecutive jobs waiting for you to finish so you can check the available jobs via the inventory icon on the left side of the screen with customer icons spread across the city map

Multitasking and levels

Basically for Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon game, each customer needs to deliver a certain amount of product to him in order to get the job done. Some deliveries take seconds to an hour to complete. A work marked as completed may not always mean that it is fully completed. It just means that all deliveries are in progress, no additional deliveries are required and you can earn experience, keys and even coins for the work you complete.

There is always a need to supply raw materials as well as finished goods. Raw materials can be assembled in 30 seconds, but it takes minutes to make a batch through rolling mills and smelters. Although storage is always a good idea, since you have limited warehouse space, you are limited in what you can keep. It can also be upgraded and coins can be used as long as you meet the required population, but you need to be able to manage your inventory in a limited space.

Develop a job delivery strategy

Get the job done in Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon as this is the only way to gain experience and since you need EXP to level up and unlock more features and locations, your level is the most important indicator of your progress.

Thus the business is also a major source of purchasing base containers which can earn you additional ships and in this sense, you can treat all the activities you are involved in as side activities to support the realization of the business around you.

There is always more than one job available at the same time, and there is no limit to which job you can do first as long as you have the multiple possibilities

And if you have the ability to multitask, there is nothing to prevent you from meeting the needs of different clients at the same time as progress can be made regardless of your choices but you must be more efficient so it is better to plan and strategize before doing any work.

Features of downloading a game Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon for Android

  • It comes completely free, and you can download the game Port City: Ship Transit Tycoon for Android through the download links on our apkxi website
  • The possibility of making a lot of ships inspired by the history of maritime transport
  • Collect famous ships and then upgrade them in order to reach the maximum possible ability to transport goods
  • Strengthen your entire coastal city and then build a lot of ports and facilities in order to become bigger and better in order to accommodate your potential

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