Rainbow Impersonator Survivor 3D

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Rainbow Impersonator Survivor 3D

1.0.6 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the wonderful games in which you are kidnapped during your school trip in a world full of monsters and you have to survive.

You can try the Rainbow Prankster Survivor 3D game for Android. It is a game that starts with you being kidnapped while on a school trip, you were sent to an amusement park called spooky, and on your kidnapping trip you must stay in this city for five consecutive days and this city has no one alive but you You and the rainbow evil monster. It is a fun game that features high-quality graphics and graphics, and has sound effects that simulate the scenes you live in. It is a game suitable for all ages.

Rainbow Impersonator Survivor 3D game for Android

Rainbow Impersonator Survivor 3D game, it is an exciting and scary game at the same time, you first see a rainbow treat you kindly and then turn into an evil and fierce monster, you must search for anything that helps you get out of this city where there is no one to help you but yourself some machines,

You have to hide from the rainbow monster, run away from him so he doesn’t see you because he keeps looking for you until he leads you to death, and until you can get rid of the rainbow use the joystick

Until you go from one place to another and there is a square that you can use to hide from, you must search carefully for all the means that lead to the elimination of all the monsters that appear to you in the form of the rainbow,

And you have to partner with the rogue team to carry out all the tasks required of you, this game will make you addicted to it. It has been admired by many players from all over the world. The team specialized in releasing this game has been constantly updating it so that all new comes out for us and players can enjoy it.

Download Rainbow Impersonator Survivor 3D game for mobile

This attractive game that simulates the reality of excitement, adventure and horror, suitable for all ages, adults and children. This is because it is easy to play with all categories, in addition to using this game to an easy interface that you can deal with when you download the game for the first time. This game is completely free and you do not need to pay any fees when downloading from the store.

Get various gifts and rewards with which you can buy weapons and equipment that fight against the evil rainbow. This game is offline and also connected to the internet, you can play it in any way you want. And you can share this game with your close friends and make the spirit of adventure and excitement among you. And you can play with friends you don’t know online from all over the world.

Get ready you and your friends to eliminate the rainbow impostor monsters, it is an epic combat game in which you can improve your fighting skills and eliminate enemies in order to survive, you must challenge these monsters to become the king of the game and be the hero in it.

You can control the evil rainbow army and make them stand by your side to escape from your captivity, and fight all the rainbow monsters with this powerful army.

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Features of Rainbow Impersonator Survivor 3D game latest version

  • This game is so easy to play that you will be addicted to it and never let go of it.
  • It features eye-catching graphics, and seven-color rainbow monsters that make you enjoy playing it.
  • This game consists of epic combat battles.
  • It has a variety of monsters that show you kindness first to deal with them and then eliminate you.
  • This game is completely free and you can download it immediately from the Google Play Store.
  • This game has been liked by a lot of players and it has been downloaded by many different parts of the world.

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