Read to me – audio books

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Read to me – audio books

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One of the most important programs specialized in publishing books and audio news

Prepare Download the Read to Me app – audio books for Android It is one of the most important programs specialized in publishing books and audio news, and one of the powerful works established by a group of ambitious Arab youth in order to spread awareness in the Arab street by facilitating the process of accessing the most important books, novels and articles, whether they are related to ancient or modern Arab heritage, and listening to them in voice Audible and clear from your Android device

For example, it can be heard while driving, doing some work on the computer and at other times when you can’t focus on reading the words

The Read to Me application – audiobooks is a specialist for providing important news headlines related to Arab and international affairs, morning and evening, in all political, sports and social fields. The app does this automatically by showing you the latest books recently added to the app’s library and suggesting you listen to them regularly

In addition, the “Read to Me” application team presents the most prominent of these books: Ibrahim Al-Feki, Mustafa Mahmoud, and many other famous authors.

You can also subscribe to the app with a monthly subscription or at least an extension for about a year

Download Read to Me – Audio Books app for Android

The Read Me application – audiobooks, which is an audio book created by a team of engineers and includes a large collection of books that people read aloud for the recipient to listen to instead of reading them, with the aim of saving wasted time. In this regard, those responsible for the application say that it is specially designed to save wasted time during traffic, work or walking

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Features of downloading the iqraaly apk latest version for mobile

Application contains Iqraaly apk It has many features that have earned it the trust of more than 100 million people who have downloaded it, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Save and save timeWhereas, by using the Read Me – Audio Books application, you can save a lot of time when reading, because you can listen to the book you want while working, walking, commuting, or driving.
  • Contains free books: Although it contains many paid books, it gives you more than 40% of the books for free, so you can save your money and time at the same time; You did not buy or read the book.
  • Lots of deals and offers going onRead to Me – Audio Books app has a lot of deals that suit all categories, and it also offers yearly, monthly and event deals to encourage listening to books.
  • Lots of books: You will not find it difficult to get the book you want; Because it contains many old and new books, and the number of its books is estimated at more than 2,000 audio books.
  • Great service at a low price: A person in charge of the application said that both the reader and the voiceover were carefully chosen to be very professional when recording books. In addition, the prices were very low; Book prices ranged from 3 pounds to 640 pounds.
  • Not just booksNot only books are a service provided by the program, but also articles, summaries, news and other audio materials, and the application owns the publishing rights of many different newspapers and audio magazines

What are the most prominent features of the Read to Me app – audiobooks for Android?

  • The application comes completely free of charge, and you can download the Read Me program – audio books for Android through the download links on our website
  • A large audio library in various fields of religion, politics, history, culture, literature, drama and various other books.
  • The application contains useful audio stories for children.
  • The app includes about 15,000 audio clips in its library.
  • The application offers books by the most famous Arab authors in ancient and modern history.
  • The application allows you to select some books and save them in a special section to listen to them later.
  • The application displays the most popular books and articles in the interface of the application for easy access.
  • The app has a great search box that allows you to quickly search for any book you want.
  • The app helps you save books on your Android device after downloading them automatically in an organized way.
  • The application is available for free, but there are some books that need to be purchased, but at a low and official price.
  • The application can be downloaded on all mobile phones, whether Android or iPhone. Easily
  • The application helps to provide books in all different languages, not just Arabic and English.
  • The application offers a very unique feature that is not found in other applications, and if you do not like reading, it is the ability to listen to books.
  • The application has a unique interface that greatly attracts a large number of reading enthusiasts.
  • The application is also easy to use, in addition to its small footprint.
  • You can control the speaking and reading speed as well as choose the voice of the reciter you want.
  • It gives you your own library to add to as you listen or read.

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