Real Truck Simulator

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Real Truck Simulator

2.7 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best truck games on the internet that you can enjoy.

You can download a real truck simulator game, easily and simply through Android, as it is one of the most amazing truck driving games that you can try, this game is available on the Play Store for free. This game is all about driving multiple and modern mega trucks. You are driving these trucks in the vast city you are roaming in. And you can drive it anywhere around the world, and see the beautiful and charming places while you are driving this truck.

Real truck simulator game for Android

A real truck simulation game, that introduces you to the right way to drive a truck and makes it easy for you to learn to drive. You also get to know the elements of driving from the inside, such as seeing the speedometer and the gear change. You can also watch the movements that are in the truck from the inside to learn the smallest details about driving huge trucks. Now you have to download a real truck simulator game, and enjoy driving trucks that simulate reality and get gifts and rewards that raise your level in this game, and through these gifts you can renew and change your truck by purchasing modern items that speed up your mission and performance in truck driving, and also you can change The color of the truck, its wheels, and more.

In addition to teaching truck driving in crowded streets and roads full of consequences and dangers, the way to turn and drive in narrow streets, and also learn about suitable and powerful vehicles and trucks in transporting goods from one place to another.

This game is characterized by its small size, it does not need a large space to download it on the phone, and also fits with all new and old Android phones, and this game is characterized by the ease of the main interface that you can deal with after downloading the game directly without any help.

Download real truck simulator game for mobile

Through a real truck simulator game, you can discover the drawn map of the mega truck driving city and drive the truck around the city and see the charming and picturesque places, and enjoy the roads and streets that simulate reality, when you drive this truck you see yourself as if you are driving it on the ground and there is no difference Between the game and the truth, due to the wonderful graphics and effects that make the game a copy of the real reality, this game offers you free so that you can enjoy it and complete the services required of you in transporting goods from one place to another and get gifts that raise you to the next levels, and through which you can buy Lots of modern trucks and vehicles that provide you with the tasks of transporting goods simply and in a very easy way,

Among the tasks required of you in a real truck simulator game, is to move the truck from one place to another and abide by traffic movements in the multiple streets that have some dangers and highways and slopes, and also among the tasks are to roam the roads and areas that enjoy the attractive natural scenery, and after the completion of your tasks You have to bring the truck back to your factory and this is the last stage to finish your missions and then enjoy taking the rewards and prizes that lift you up in the next levels.

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Features of Real Truck Simulator latest version

  • This real truck simulator game has high quality graphics that make the game a simulation of real life.
  • In this game there are a lot of modern trucks and vehicles that are not found in any other similar game.
  • In this game, you can drive different trucks like loader, digger truck, tractor, and other trucks.
  • Inside the trucks there is a radio, you can turn it on and enjoy it, as if you were actually driving the truck.
  • You can listen to truck driving in various weather like, rainy weather, wind and dust storms, etc.
  • This game is very small in size to download.
  • This game is free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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