sultans mines

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sultans mines

1.5.0 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best gold mining games related to sultans.

You can try the Sultans Mines game for Android simply and easily, as it is one of the most beautiful games that makes you one of the richest people. It owns the gold mines in which there are countless jewels. It also works on managing these mines. And work on mining and forming gold and manufacturing, this game is very easy and fun and suitable for children. This is because it is easy to play and also develops and activates children’s intelligence and does not cause any danger to their minds. This game does not require a lot of space available on the phone when downloading. Rather, it needs a very small space and works on all strong and weak phones.

Sultans Mines game for Android

The Sultans Mines game, is a beautiful, simple and entertaining game as well. This game contains many mines that must be searched and discovered in a short time. In order to become rich in the city, you have to search for these mines in many different countries. And dig the mine that you suspect contains gold minerals, and the workers that help you discover these mines collect gold from the mines you have obtained. So you can enter new levels of the game and dig more mines and get many gifts and rewards that will make you one of the richest people in the country.

It is necessary in this game to form strong workers in order to search for gold and get it out of the mines and you are their leader and guide, they listen to your orders and implement them. You will also face some difficulties and challenges in searching for the gold found in these mines, but always remember that you will become one of the wealthy people in the city. When you discover these mines, you must lead your workers vigorously so that they search for these mines with enthusiasm and activity and do not be lazy in digging operations.

Download the game Mines of Sultans for mobile

In the game Mines of Sultans, you must use mining tools to make it easier for your workers to dig, and these tools must be modern. And powerful enough to complete the drilling tasks and get the gold out of the mines easily, this fun game has reached the number of millions of downloads from the Google Play Store and the increase. This is a strong evidence of the game’s success and splendor, as this game has achieved great success in a short time after its release on the store. This game has also won many reviews from players, and the Sultans Mines game is constantly updated. And the renewal of many elements inside it so that you can enjoy playing it, and this game does not need a large space on the phone, as it takes a size of up to 135 MB,

You can download this game for free from the Google Play Store, but there are some tools that can be purchased for real fees and amounts from within the game. For example, drilling tools, and some managers who work to activate workers so that they search and prospect for gold mines with determination and vigor,

In this game, all you have to do is give instructions to the workers to dig the mines and look for gold. After the workers collect many gold mines, you work on mining and manufacturing them, and you become one of the wealthy people in the city.

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Features of the game sultans mines latest version

  • The game features high-quality graphics and effects, and the graphics are required.
  • This game has an innovative style that will make you addictive and never get bored of it.
  • The game is characterized by its ease, which makes it suitable for children to activate their mind and does not have any harm to them.
  • Inside the game there are a lot of people that you can choose what you see fit to be from the team working for digging and searching for gold mines.
  • This game is free to download, but there are some things you can buy if you prefer in-game.

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