Teen Titans: Collect and Battle!

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Teen Titans: Collect and Battle!

1.0.11 Android 4.4 and later
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Through this game, you can fight with heroes in various ways, quite simply.

Game Teen Titans: Collect and Battle for Android is one of the most beautiful games that children and adults love, as it is very well known and famous. This is due to the famous Teen Titans series that children love so much, this series has been translated into many languages. After this series won the love of many, especially children, the designers of this game. With the release of the Teen Titans game: Collect and battle so that children can reincarnate in the characters they love in Teen Titans and enjoy playing them.

Game Teen Titans: Collect and Battle for Android

This game consists of a group of heroes that you can choose from, and this game asks you for many tasks. And to engage in wars and battles, and this game is not free, you do not need to pay fees or enter your bank mail. Until the game fees are deducted through it, and although it is not free, it has won the admiration of millions and has been downloaded by many people. This is because it is very entertaining and enjoyable.

This game is characterized by the presence of many characters and heroes in the game, up to 77 heroes in the form of cartoon people. The player chooses what he wants from them, and the task of the hero in this game is limited to one city only. You do not need to go to many cities to achieve the tasks required of him, and the first thing that is required of you in this game is to find another team. So that they are the heroes of the Titans together, and you can fight with them and participate in battles.

You must search for these people everywhere in the city and find them, they can be hiding somewhere, or in the shops of the city, so you must find them very quickly and work to include them in your team before your enemies find them and take them from you and your team remains small and you cannot be a team Titans heroes, you must search for them in all places and stores and they can be in a place where you do not expect them to be, such as behind walls and on shelves in stores, so you must search for them well until you finish the tasks required of you at this level.

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In the game Titans Heroes: Collect and Battle, you must collect as many heroes as possible in order to strengthen your team and through them you can fight and enter battles and win always, you must be strong over your enemies and competitors, and after you collect Titans heroes you must train them to the fullest Until you fight other characters, and these characters are not cartoons, but rather real people, you actually fight them, and they try in various ways to defeat you.

This game does not use any firearms or rifles, although it is a game of wars and fighting, but the Titans heroes fight with their hands and do not waste the blood of anyone else. Strong and the third is weak so that you do not choose everyone who is strong and lose your strong team in the seven battles in the next levels of the game, and if your team is victorious over the other team, the other level will open for you to meet another team and the game will give you when winning the battles many gifts, money and items that can be To help you strengthen your team and qualify you to win in difficult stages.

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Features of Teen Titans: Collect and Battle! latest version

  • This game is distinguished in helping you to form a team of Titans heroes, such as working in other areas such as stores, so that you get gifts and financial rewards that make you gather your team and train them with the latest training elements.
  • This game has been downloaded by many players from all over the world, although it is not free, but it requires payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • This game has won the admiration of many players and has been evaluated because it is a very entertaining and popular game.
  • This game does not need a lot of space when it is downloaded, but rather it needs an appropriate amount of space available on the phone.

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