Tom and Jerry: Chase

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Tom and Jerry: Chase

5.4.27 Android
evaluation 387 | 3.4
A challenging and entertaining game within Tom and Jerry games

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase apk for Android with a direct and fast link, as this game comes as one of the classic games that are based on adventure, challenge and intelligence in order to achieve victory led by a group of mice based on the idea of ​​the famous children’s cartoon Tom and Jerry. Below will be discussed in detail To all the information about the game Tom and Jerry Chess for Android phone.

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase for Android mobile, with a direct link

The idea of ​​​​the Tom and Jerry game for Android phone, which is a classic multiplayer action game, revolves around the idea of ​​having four mice, each of whom has to confront one of the huge cats located inside a huge house full of adventures, pranks and challenges. The goal of the cat within the game is, of course, to catch these mice while Each mouse strives to hinder the cat’s endeavors and stay alive as long as possible and the mice also aim to create chaos and chaos in the cat’s house to succeed in their missions.

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase for Android, with a direct link

The Tom and Jerry Chase game was produced by the well-known game developer, netease, and this is what made the game with a huge number of features at the level of ideas, forms of challenges and adventures presented within the game’s events, and the game was launched last year 2020 AD on the Google Play Play Store For all players with Android devices in the world for free, and it was also provided via a direct link, the apk extension, and the last one can be obtained via the download link available on this page now.

Features of downloading tom and jerry: chase apk for Android

There are many professional technical specifications within the Tom and Jerry: Chase apk game that have been referred to by game development experts and the features that players have also emphasized in this game, the most important of which are the following:

  • The game is available in a free full version to all players.
  • The game is based on 3D imaging technology.
  • The game relied on the use of designs and graphics that adopt the idea of ​​​​the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry, which is loved by all individuals, young and old.
  • The game contains a great deal of excitement and suspense throughout the duration of the game, and the challenges also have a gradual degree of difficulty in the task of mice and the task of the cat; Which makes it a suitable game for all ages.
  • The game works on smartphones and tablets as well as tablets equipped with the Android operating system, starting with Android 2.3 or later.
  • It should be noted that the game tom and jerry: chase for Android is inspired by the Disney cartoon Tom and Jerry, but it carries a somewhat different idea and style of play that is also based on quarrels, challenges, and pranks between a cat and a mouse, but here there are four mice, not just one mouse.

Additional features

Among the additional features that the Tom and Jerry: Chase apk game for Android phone comes with are the following:

  • A suitable size for most Android devices, as the size of the game is about 1.5 GB and it is fairly decent when compared to a lot of other Android games that carry a similar amount of excellence, excitement, and professional elements.
  • Relying on 3D technology and very accurate professional graphics that are completely error-free, and accordingly; The player will not experience game crashes, restarts or any slowdowns in the operating system.
  • The game includes a large number of very entertaining and often funny adventures between cat and mouse.
  • The design, graphics, colors, and appearance of the cat and mouse are the same as the cartoon characters in the original Tom and Jelly cartoon, except for some differences in the appearance of the cat’s house, which the mice are trying to confront inside.

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How to download Tom and Jerry Chess mobile game

The game can be obtained easily through the following steps:

  • Go to the download link provided on this page through the web browser on the Android phone.
  • Click on the green download button.
  • within moments; The game will start downloading to the device as an apk file
  • The game is installed on the mobile by opening the apk file and starting to follow the rest of the steps to install the game on the Android mobile.

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