Top War: Battle Game

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Top War: Battle Game

1.0.9 Android 4.4 and later
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This game enables you to build your city very simply, so don’t hesitate to try it.

Top War: Battle Game for Android is one of the legend games that cannot be repeated again because it is unique and unlike any other. It is a game of war, adventure and excitement. You will never regret trying this game. And you are the leader who manages and protects this city and also works to form a large and strong army to protect your city from enemies and seize and possess other cities and take their weapons and spoils from them, you must now download it and enjoy all this excitement.

Top War: Battle Game for Android

In this game, you must make plans so that you can lead your army and give them the correct directions through which to protect your city from enemies, in addition to the appropriate time that makes them pounce on other cities and seize them, and entering with other cities in a war is not easy, but requires important tactics even You win them at the right time. All of this you must adhere to in order to always lead your team to victory.

And this game gives you complete freedom of action, whether it is building your city or leading your army. It is indeed one of the games that makes you live in the real reality of wars and invasions. Wars and battles, so you, the leader, must manage your city and your army wisely to make you finish the tasks required of you, seize other cities and grow your city, and the way to play this game is very easy, as it does not have multiple buttons to play through, but rather requires you only to press the elements inside the main screen of the game, so this It does not need to explain or know how to play. You will play and be skilled in the game when you download it for the first time because of its ease and simplicity of controlling it from the first time.

Download Top War: Battle Game for Android

The way to play Top War: Battle Game is easy and clear, as you have to build your city with personal freedom through the construction tools that are with you in the game, and then you create many towers and other buildings on the borders of your city, and these towers will place part of your army in them until They protect the city from the outside, and others are inside the city and are waiting for the leader, who is you, to attack another city and fight them, and you must be a strong army that works to implement your plans, win the tasks assigned to it, enter into wars and strong battles, and win over the enemies.

This game is similar to many war and fighting games found on the Google Play Store. But it attracts players because of its high-quality graphics and powerful graphics. You can share this game with your friends or with friends you do not know through the internet. Show them that you are the strongest and enjoy the spirit of team play.

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Features of the game Top War latest version

  • This game is characterized by participation so that the number of the army increases and becomes strong, and this participation makes it easier for you to win wars and storm other cities.
  • The game is characterized by high graphics of the cities in which you fight, similar to real cities, and its high-quality graphics and very beautiful colors make you live the real fantasy with it.
  • This game is free to download and does not require any payment fees.
  • This game requires an internet connection to play.
  • Participation in the game is characterized by raising the numbers of the army, which strengthens it and protects it from the attack of other enemies, and keeps damage away from it.
  • This game has been downloaded by many players and has received many reviews by players from all over the world.

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