Universal Truck Simulator

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Universal Truck Simulator

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Modern car driving simulator

We offer you through this article from the apkxi website Download Universal Truck Simulator for Android With a direct link, it is a brand new game aimed at fans and lovers of driving simulation games on mobile devices and has been developed by Dualcarbon-Games.

So if you are looking to experience the ultimate driving pleasure and want a whole new driving experience, this new game will provide you with everything you need as it will give you some things to do and then the ultimate experience to work on the most demanding jobs as a driver.

Explore the taxes through the grueling journey that will take you across the country as you perform long distance truck driving missions and at the same time, enjoy the relaxing and exciting game elements with many stunning landscapes and landscapes that will amaze you.

The game also includes a large and detailed map of Wiesen, Germany, with real locations such as Munich, Rosenheim, Ebersberg, Enderels, motorways, beautiful Bavarian mountains and more.

Download game Universal Truck Simulator for Android with direct link

Universal Truck Simulator players will find themselves facing the ultimate truck driving simulation game with many exciting features for you to explore and enjoy.

So feel free to choose your favorite truck from some of the most famous American brands and then take on the ultimate drive that will take you across the country and then go to Canada or Mexico and enjoy the great atmosphere exploring new roads while enjoying the natural beauty along the way.

At the same time, you will find yourself completely addicted to the wonderful rides that offer dynamic and realistic elements, as you can start with amazing traffic with actual road settings, street signs, traffic lights, artificial intelligence vehicles and other options

On the other hand, feel the weight of the day by walking along with the dynamic day and night function Add to that extreme weather conditions that have a direct impact on the driving experience with realistic physics, dynamic elements and in-depth gameplay

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Game download features Universal Truck Simulator apk for mobile

big map

in Universal Truck Simulator apk A detailed 3D location in the real world has been added with landmarks and long-distance roads, which will make the game more realistic than other driving simulator games.

Players will therefore have the opportunity to travel across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Hence, enjoy a great driving game while exploring the deep traffic and discovering multiple roads in multiple countries. When you spend days working on a long commute, you can stop and rest at multiple stops on the highway.

In addition to enjoying driving and interacting with the intuitive artificial intelligence vehicles on the road, and then requesting permission to pass, turn and stop immediately where you can easily use the signal available in the car and enjoy communicating with other vehicles.

Add a lot of advanced trucks

European and American trucks are divided into different axle configurations (4*2, 6*2, 6*4, 8*4) in addition to providing a huge number of more advanced trucks which in turn make the game enjoyable for all users

Huge number of trailers

Universal Truck Simulator is equipped with a variety of European and American trailers “square, flat, low, refrigerated, logs, tankers, livestock” and other types

private garage

Players can purchase and expand their garage with complete freedom of entry and exit

Lots of replaceable parts

All parts of the car can be replaced and upgraded, such as the engine, gearbox, turbocharger, tyres, battery, radiator, intercooler, oil and horn.

Realistic engine sounds

All vehicles have unmatched real engines, sound and performance and this makes players always in competition and immersive fun

damage system

Universal Truck Simulator features bodily damage, collision and body deformation. With auto parts having wear systems, this makes users in constant competition to save on the car


Car color, body accessories, lights, etc. can be customized. Interior customization includes changing the color of the instrument panel, steering wheel, instrument lights, and more

Dynamic climate and weather as you arrive in new locations

At the same time, you will find yourself encountering deep and dynamic environmental elements as you travel across multiple locations. However, in Universal Truck Simulator you can enjoy the unique experience found in hot deserts, slippery snow, dangerous mountain roads or when you are stuck in a crowded city.

Also, you can have fun in a fun weather system with many available conditions. Experience a unique driving experience while riding in snow, rain or sunshine. Depth and exciting elements of Universal Truck Simulator environment that will make the game more enjoyable is sure to be given

Intuitive and customizable touch controls

For those interested, the game also offers easy-to-use and accessible touch controls so you can fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience. Feel free to take advantage of the tilt function, touch buttons or virtual steering to control your car effectively. With customizable control settings,

The game also allows users to enjoy their wonderful journey. So try a great truck simulator game with precise control of manual transmission and H-Shifter or clutch.

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