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Strong and enthusiastic combat battles worth trying

War After is one of the Battle Royale games that was launched at the beginning of 2021. It is a new war game for Android and iPhone that comes in an Open Beta version, meaning that the version of the game currently available is only a beta version and it will be closed soon and the full version will be released. You can try the game by downloading it from our website via a direct link. The game comes with a wonderful legendary design, advanced gameplay and very powerful features, as it has a feature of 60 frames per second, which makes the Gameplay more smooth and powerful than other similar games.

Download War After, the best war game for Android, with a direct link

that War After PvP action shooter It is a multiplayer FPS based war and combat game. The game is similar to Call of Duty mobile games andPUBG mobile. The game is about a war between two teams consisting of players from different parts of the world in rounds lasting about five minutes per round. You should get more points, so that your score becomes more than the opponent’s team.

The game comes with 3D graphics and high-quality graphics, to be completely simulated to reality. The game expresses a world of brutality and conflict; Where vital resources have diminished and become scarce; Which leads everyone to fight for what’s left of it.

You will join one of the fighting teams in a bloody confrontation, where the fight takes place in several arenas. Also you can choose weapons, fighters and gears. You can also upgrade your weapons and develop your team to take over the world and lead your team to victory. The more battles you win, the higher your rank to gain access to better equipment and weapons.

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Description of War After apk for mobile and how to control the gameplay

You start the game with one assault rifle and one skin for the character, and the more you advance in the game and win the battles, the more weapons and gear you will get.

You can control the game through two parts:

  1. Right side: You can control your character and its different moves.
  2. Left side: You can control the aiming of the weapon, throwing bombs, collecting equipment, and more.
  3. There are also buttons for using the telescope, loading, throwing grenades, bending and more.

The main mode in War After 2022 is the area control mode, where two teams of two to five players fight over control of the different areas on the map for as long as possible. The longer you can control the area, the more points you will score. The first team to score 1500 points wins the game.

War After 2021 is a 3D fighting and shooting game with great graphics, full control and a wide variety of weapons; So it is deservedly the best fighting game of 2021.

Features of downloading War After game for Android mobile

Trial version of War After apk for Android It offers many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • You can compete with other players from around the world online and in real time.
  • You can also use deadly weapons, and you can customize and upgrade weapons as you advance in the game and win battles.
  • You have different battlefields to fight.
  • You can control the customization of your character and clothing using a variety of items.
  • The game also includes dynamic war maps.
  • High quality 3D graphics, along with advanced audio effects. Graphics help you immerse yourself in gaming in an atmosphere of action. As well as full-featured 3D models of weapons and soldiers and various cool visual and audio effects.

Additional Features

  • Simple interface that allows you to control the game easily and smoothly.
  • The game also offers dynamic gameplay in various maps designed for tactical warfare; To offer its players an exciting confrontation with dangerous opponents; To improve your fighting skills.
  • You can choose weapons, fighters, and gears, then upgrade them to take over the world and lead your team to victory by winning battles to gain access to better equipment.
  • The game gives you a lot of diverse weapons to choose from. You can also choose the one that best suits your tactics and combat plans, between grenades, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenades and more.
  • The game also provides various locations to suit all tactics and war games.
  • The creation of combat battles is done automatically, just click on the “Fight” option, and the teams and fighters will be selected and battles planned automatically.
  • The battlefield and military textures are perfectly designed, to make great maneuvers.
  • You can also customize all the game elements of the character, clothing, movements, weapons, and combat style to suit each player.
  • The copy is available for free download.
  • Playing the game requires an internet connection.

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Requirements to run War After on Android devices

Here are the specifications and requirements to run War After PvP action shooter:

  1. Android version: Android 5.1+
  2. RAM: 1 gigabyte or more.
  3. Graphics Card GPU: All types.
  4. Processor: A processor with a speed of at least 1.3 GHz.
  5. Storage capacity: 500MB free space.
  6. Internet Connection: Requires an Internet connection.

Download the new and very powerful War After game for Android phones and iPhones, and have a great experience playing with your friends.

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