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YouTube kids YouTube kids

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YouTube kids is a very simple and suitable app for multiple kids categories

Download YouTube Kids APK with direct link for Android with direct linkso Starting YouTube Kids It is an official application that was designed by YouTube specifically for children to enjoy by navigating in their own childish world with more animation videos, songs, favorite songs, drawing programs, improving behavior, learning and thinking, innovation contents, various inventions and videos of entertaining games, and here in this article is all about the application YouTube Kids, how to deal with it, download and install it.

Download YouTube Kids for Android with a direct link

that YouTube Kids app It is the children’s world for enjoyment that allows adults from parents to monitor what is watched by their youngsters, and you can choose to include content for children under the age of six years or children over six years old at the beginning of the primary stage, and the YouTube Kids application provides options through which to adjust And the work of restricting the search with a certain time limit.

Also, adults can easily control the number of hours that their children watch YouTube Kids videos. The videos inside YouTube Kids also include animated videos that are perfectly designed for young children, game videos and lots of videos related to a variety of things.

Everything that is displayed is for children and is appropriate for their age, and is also useful and not only for entertainment, and there is a timer to set a specific time in the day for learning, enjoyment and entertainment under the eyes of parents by controlling its settings.

Features of Download YouTube Kids APK with direct link for Android

YouTube Kids has many features and targets children from one year and four years to eight years old, and here are the features of YouTube Kids:

  • The possibility of limiting the time periods that children spend on the YouTube Kids application, for example, setting the time from eight in the morning to five in the evening, and after the specified time, the child will not be able to access the Kids application after the time period specified before has passed.
  • You can select and choose the appropriate from the videos that children see. Among the conditions for accepting the videos, the content of the videos and channels should be appropriate for family members to be accepted, and it must be positive contents based on encouraging children to both learn and develop and urge all family members to positively interact with them. And among all its members, young and old.
  • Among the most important features of the YouTube Kids application is that the application deletes all inappropriate videos and content that are not suitable for children, thus including full safety and security for your child when entering the application and watching it.

Features of YouTube kids

Completely and easily control what children watch Download YouTube Kids APK with direct link for Android Control through the settings what the child sees and also determine what appears to them. After making the settings, children will not be able to search and see other videos that are not specified for them, and this setting is done by choosing only approved content and then choosing a group of videos or channels that the child watches.

Ease of knowing the distinguished audience in YouTube Kids The video provider and the various content is fully aware of his audience. The target audience in YouTube Kids is children at the age of four years, and there are also videos and content for children from 4 years to 8 years old.

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Download YouTube Kids Arabic for PC

Download YouTube Kids Arabic for PC by entering the link YouTube Kids for PC in Arabic and clicking on it, then wait several minutes for the download to complete and you will find the application inside your device and it is available for use.

YouTube Kids for iPhone

Download YouTube Kids for iPhone by entering the link designated for smart mobile phones for iPhone, wait a few minutes and it will be downloaded. Enter it for more enjoyment and learning for your child.

Download YouTube kids app

YouTube Kids application is absolutely safe application that keeps children away from the contents of the main YouTube, as it displays contents and videos that are not suitable for young children at all. Many parents have a great need for the presence of YouTube Kids that is only for children.

It is also an easy-to-use application intended for children and multiple operating systems available on tablets, tablets, computers as well as smart TVs and smart mobile phones. The YouTube Kids application is available to all downloads and individuals on the Google Play Store and the Play Store as well.

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Download YouTube Kids APK with direct link for Android

You can download the YouTube Kids application. It is a simple application that is very suitable for multiple categories of children. It was launched in English in the United States of America first in 2015, while in Egypt it was launched two days ago in Arabic, and through what was monitored and presented in this article about explaining the YouTube application Kids, its features and how to deal with it is the best ever, so download and try it.

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