Zapya – File Transfer

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Zapya – File Transfer

6.3.6 (US) Android 5.0+
evaluation 12 | 3.3
An application that helps in many file transfer and sharing operations

we present to you Download the Zapya app – Transferring files with a direct link through our website, which helps in carrying out many file transfer and sharing operations between all phones of all kinds, which helps in saving a lot of time, and it also allows these operations in any size and in any format, and it also does not matter if you are connected or not Connected, through this application, you can now transfer all the files you want at a tremendous speed, as now you can transfer music files, photos, videos, many applications, and all files on your phone, or receive them at one time, as this program works to transfer files quickly Massive Wi-Fi technology. Certainly, file transfers were not as easy as you will find inside this application, which you will definitely get to know all of them by showing us all the details and features during the following paragraphs.

Download Zapya – File Transfer for Android with a direct link

Zapyaj – File Transfer app helps you to share files offline, you can transfer and share files from your Android / IOS devices and / to your computer without using Wi-Fi, mobile data or FI, and also offers you This application has four sharing methods that are compatible in offline mode so that you can do file sharing and transfer with someone close to you, and you can also create a group in addition to being able to invite others to join it, as well as create a QR code This code is for others to scan it As well as vibration to connect to another device, that is, it is very simple that you can send files to those close to you.

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File transfer program between Android devices

The Zapya – File Transfer app has many advantages as IOS has been upgraded to Android Sharing, connecting the IOS to the Android device has become much easier as you can now search for the Zapya – File Transfer collection that you created on your Android device by Connect with one click on this application.

Also, do not forget about the phone replication feature, as you can instantly backup and easily transfer all the content and data on your old device to your new device.

Also, this application has the feature of installing all, as you can download all the applications and programs that you want and need on your mobile phone in order to facilitate your work, at the same time on your device, using the feature of installing all on this application.

Does this app have a limited or certain level of file transfer? Does this application do not transfer large files? I will answer you this question, no. In this application, it transfers and shares all complete folders or any number of large files at one time, by doing only one click after selecting any amount you want and need from any type of file.

Features of downloading Zapya for mobile

Also, this application has an easy and greatly simplified interface that helps you easily deal with it by sending and receiving files, and it also facilitates you to chat with your friends and share everything you want without the need to connect to the Internet, and through it you can also watch videos Live through the network of this application and share it with your friends.

Also, the interface of this application is divided into several sections, where there is a section for video, a section for pictures, a section for music, a section for files, and another for applications. All you have to do is just to send one of these files is to click on the file that you want to send with specifying the recipient, and it is only a few seconds. This process went smoothly.

Whereas, when you share over the Internet using the Zapya application, you can transfer files from any device that has a web browser by clicking on the Zapya Transfer icon on the transfer page, and you can also easily share files with all people from all over the world in Anytime and anywhere, and it is free to use, and it is also available in many languages. It is really a distinguished application.

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How to download Zapya – file transfer

To get the best way to download this Zapya application – transfer files to your mobile phone and get all the features that it enjoys, you will have to go to the direct link in the article and then click on it, and it is only a matter of seconds, and this free application will be downloaded to your device, then you open the application and then Transfer and share all files with anyone, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the size of the files and whatever their quantity. Also, do not forget that you can do all this whether you are online or offline.

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