How to recover a permanently or temporarily suspended Twitter account from a mobile phone


Many users of the Blue Bird website may lose their accounts for various reasons, but it is always one way to retrieve a suspended Twitter account permanently or temporarily, and the explanation is for owners of mobile phones, computers or smart tablets, as they are the same fields and the same steps, and it is easy and You do not need a professional person, because you know how to use Twitter, you are good to recover your account as a beginner in technology or a professional

How to recover a Twitter account

How to recover a permanently or temporarily suspended Twitter account from a mobile phone

In the beginning, here is this explanation that I put a while ago, and it is the same whether you are on a computer or a mobile phone, it is the same method, and the method depends entirely on messaging the support team, and there is no person in the world who has better authority than you or knows better than you, you are all the same Person, just try to solve your problem in a polite manner Twitter support id

Now here is the direct link that I explained to you in the video, and as I said, choose the correct information and the correct message to communicate with the support team, as the support team is made up of people like you and me, who want you to help him and make it easier for him to work, so be direct and clear until your problem is solved with all ease.

How to recover Twitter account from mobile 

I will now explain the method in writing to people who did not understand the explanation in the video, as it is the only way to recover the account, no matter how different the reason for losing your Twitter account is, so the recovery method is always to communicate with the site support team, so now that you have entered this topic, try to focus with me a little My friend, and by writing to me or to anyone who works in technology, we will not be able to solve the problem for you. The only method that I will explain is the one that you or you yourself can apply with ease.

Now let's start with the written explanation for which I entered the article, and the recovery of the Twitter account, and the method is not guaranteed or final, but it is the only one, and everyone has a share of luck in this, and the requirements for contacting the support team are simple for you as Twitter users:
  1. You have the email with which you registered on Twitter, which you are still using to register with.
  2. To have your account information, meaning the username and another password.
  3. The device with which you used the account last time, whether it was a computer, mobile phone or tablet, is the one you use to message the support team.
  4. The last time you were logged into your account, means the last day you were able to log into your Twitter account.
  5. The link for contacting the support team is the same one we used in explaining the video
How to recover a Twitter account
How to recover a Twitter account

Now we will answer or fill in the necessary information that the support team needs in order to study the status of our account.
  • Where are you experiencing this issue: Here you choose the type of device you use to access Twitter, whether it is a computer, phone, or something else.
  • Twitter username: It is clear and is the username of your Twitter account with which you are registered.
  • Your email: The email you registered with on Twitter or the one you are currently using to log in.
  • Last sign in: Here you put the date of the last time you registered or opened your Twitter account, and you put it exactly, meaning the year, day and month.
  • Mobile number: Here we put our mobile number, and this is in the event that you only put your phone number with your account, but if you did not use it, do not put your phone number.
  • Anything else: Here you write a respectable letter in English explaining your problem, and it is better to write it briefly in one or two lines only, and in the end write waiting your help.
Update: After a few years and a lot of developments, Twitter changed the method somewhat, but it is still the same principle, where it asks you to put the username at the beginning, then a page where you put the email and a message, that message put the information that we said about it, Including the device, the problem, and the phone number, if any, and the last time you registered with it, then you put the captcha code to make sure that you are a human, then you press the blue Submit button, and then you receive the message and everything is fine, it means a change in the fields, but use All the information that shows that you are the owner of the account and that you are interested in recovering your account.

How to recover Twitter account from mobile
How to recover Twitter account from mobile 

After putting all the correct information, we send the form to the Twitter technical support team, then you will find a message in the email that we set and it is for Twitter, and it will be an initial message and then the response message, where all the information and the problem you encountered will be verified On Twitter, and in the end, the final decision of the support team will be, if they do not accept to return the account to you, try again after three or four days, but re-check that the previous information is correct, with a better message than the previous one, and good luck to everyone in recovering the account Twitter .

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