11×11: Football Club Manager

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11×11: Football Club Manager

1.0.8420 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is one of the best football games on the scene, so do not hesitate to try it.

If you prefer football team management games, you can download the game 11×11: Football Club Manager for Android, which is one of the most popular games in the world that is loved by all individuals, whether children or adults; Because many people cannot manage matches in reality, so they fulfill their dream of managing matches while playing, the game allows you to manage the football team from A to Z.

Download the game 11×11: Football Club Manager for Android

You can easily download the game by going to the Play Store or by clicking on the direct link below; You can be a football team that can compete in all tournaments, and win all local tournaments. Your main goal in the game is to lead the team that has won many world championships, and you can manage the club by selecting a group of athletes; So they work in one team.

You employ a group of famous players, plus you have to win a lot of tournaments; So that you can collect money and expand the club, although the game is filled with the best graphics, the most beautiful stadiums, and there are a lot of lighting and facilities, but all of these things are not realistic, for example during the matches the players are represented by a numbered shirt only, and they must The player has to touch the screen in order to perform a set of different actions, including determining the position in which the player is located on the field.

Download 11×11: Football Club Manager for mobile

After downloading the game 11×11: Football Club Manager for the phone, your task is not only to recruit and train players, but your additional task is to build a complete city that has all the necessary facilities to win the tournaments. The game is characterized by the most beautiful 3D graphics, in addition to that you can build Your city is your own, and you can buy football players through transfers, train them and upgrade them; So that they can compete with all teams.

The game provides many features such as appointing a group of distinguished players, obtaining the richest sponsors, and upgrading the team; In order to become the best team in the league, players can get experience points by playing in the training grounds, through the matches that have been organized, and all the tasks that the players must complete, and these points help them to train well, in addition to that you can do Build and upgrade buildings and buy new soccer players.

After winning the matches, you can get the money that helps you complete all the tasks, in addition to that you can get reinforcements, which are special currencies, which you can actually buy with money and get a lot of achievements within the game and through which you can get Players, restore their physical fitness, in addition to that you can update the transfer list, hire a group of specialists and reinforcements also help you to build buildings and finish the training process quickly.

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Features of the game 11×11: Football Club Manager latest version

The game has many features, the most important of which are the following:

  • You can be your team, and fully manage it.
  • You can participate in the strongest and most important tournaments around the world.
  • You must use all your experience and skills in the game of football.
  • You can be a manager of the winning team by winning the most important international championships.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes the game is that it is small in size, and it does not require much space when downloading it.
  • It contains a lot of graphics, in addition to the distinctive sound effects.
  • If you can complete all the missions in the game, you can get additional missions that help you get boosters.

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