Angry Dad

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Angry Dad

1.4.3 Android 4.1+
evaluation 90 | 3.1
One of the distinguished classic adventure games

We provide you through our website with a direct download link Angry Dad game Or the angry father, which is one of the distinguished classic adventure games that captured the hearts of millions of adults and children who love this type of games, as it represents one of the broad segments of society that loves the game of football. Which he must finish before the start of the match, which will require you during this game to help this father to finish these tasks in order to hurry up to see the match.

Download the Angry Dad game for Android, with a direct link

One of the most important features that you will find inside the Angry Dad game is that it offers you a lot of fun and excitement that many games miss, which does not make you feel completely bored while playing this type of game.

All you have to do is prepare to see this world from the eyes of this father, as he is an ordinary father like all fathers who try to fight time in order to complete many tasks that pursue them in order to complete them and follow the football match, one of the games that win the hearts of millions.

All you have to do during this game is to help this poor guy to keep his titles as the best father in the world as well as the best football fan in the world.

All you have to do is help this father in reconciling all the tasks that this game contains and relieve him of anxiety that you can help him complete these tasks in order to see the match and help him maintain his titles.

Angry Dad apk game missions

The Angry Dad game contains a set of tasks required of this father, in which you must help him directly in order to complete them in order to catch up on seeing the match as well as to maintain his titles as the best father in the world as well as the best fan in the world.

As one of the most prominent of these tasks is that he will assist his wife and extend a helping hand to her in order to complete many of the household chores; Which is, for example, to do the endless washing of dishes.

As well as repairing permanent leaks that come out continuously from home pipes.

You also have to help him deal with that sect that he hates and hates all members of the neighborhood.

You also have to help his son in lessons and studies in order to become a mathematician.

You also have to answer the phone and deal with these scammers and swindlers by shouting at them.

Also, you should not forget to help him put his little girl to sleep.

Angry Dad game features

Angry Dad game contains many features that will make this game one of your favorite games.

It is one of the easy and uncomplicated games, which you will notice for yourself when you download these games from the direct link on our website.

But do not forget, although it is simple to eat and easy to play, but it is difficult in tasks, so you must be more quick and alert as you help this father finish many of the tasks that exist in the game.

The game also contains many high-quality stylized graphics.

It has also added many, many beautiful colors, interesting music and distinct details, which added to this game by the designers a lot of fun.

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Download Angry Dad apk

Download the APK Angry Dad game, one of the classic games through our website, and it is certainly one of the adventurous and distinctive games that you can download on your Android phone. Which you will find in it and which the developers of the company have worked on and who have issued this game to you and who are always researching and working on everything new in order to get the best performance and thus you get the fun as you do not forget to tell your friends and also you must follow us to get permanently all what’s new.

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How to download angry dad

To get the best way to download the Angry Dad APK game through our website, you must follow the following steps, which is to go to the direct download link in the article, then click on it, and it is only a few seconds until you find the game on your phone, and then you can use it immediately. (Note) This game is compatible with all phones running the Android system, and it does not require any special data in order to install it on your mobile phone, and it is also rated as suitable for all age groups. Also, do not forget that if any error occurs during the download process, please contact us through the site’s messages in order to provide you with assistance as soon as possible. Also, do not forget that the game is free and you do not have to pay anything in exchange for downloading it on your mobile phone.

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