Blackout Rugby Manager

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Blackout Rugby Manager

1.51.17 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the best sports that allows you to create your own club simply.

If you are a fan of the game of rugby, you can try the Blackout Rugby Manager game for Android to become the manager of the strongest rugby team, as the game is a manager simulation, as it makes you take on the task of managing the rugby team, and you can fully control your team; To achieve success, download the game now for free to your phone and enjoy leading the team.

Blackout Rugby Manager game for Android

You can download the game for free easily by going to the Play Store and typing the name of the game in the search field, a group of different games will appear in front of you, choose Blackout Rugby Manager from them, then click on the word install, and wait for the game to load, or you can download it through The direct link below that takes you directly to the game.

You can easily create your club, choose your first 15 players, and really hit the field; In order to take on the challenge, you can create the tactics for the match day, and define the playing styles; So you can take advantage of the strengths of your team, plus you can show off your rugby skill by creating attacking patterns, imports, kicking schemes, creating line goals and defensive systems.

Download Blackout Rugby Manager mobile game

Download the game now, and watch the team you build play in the 3D game engine; In order to make you feel that you are actually playing, and make an appropriate plan; So that you can achieve victory, and you can outperform your competitors by thinking and tactics in matters that make you superior to any other manager, in addition to that you can manage the club’s ecosystem by establishing infrastructure, such as establishing special stadiums for training, and working to modernize Stadium, and medical centers.

You can take your journey from the beginning of team creation to reaching the most important tournaments, so you must manage the technical trees and shape the way your team performs; So that you can dominate all competitors, and the individual players in the game have physical and mental technical advantages that make each player within your team unique, in addition to that you must use the in-depth card system; So that you can create training systems and reduce the time of injuries, and thus you can overcome all challenges with ease.

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Features of the game Blackout Rugby Manager latest version

The game is characterized by a very large set of features that make it one of the most popular games in the world, the most important of which are the following:

  • Through the game, you can fulfill your dream of being a rugby manager.
  • The game is free and does not charge you any money when downloading it.
  • The game features 3D graphics that make you feel like you are playing in real life.
  • You can easily control competitors by forming a good team performance.
  • You can scout players and train them; Until you build the strongest team on the field.
  • You can participate with your friends in the game, and it is a private league for you and your friends.
  • You and your friends can get a lot of rewards after earning and winning.
  • You can manage a financial system that allows you to win all matches and collect prizes.
  • The game is characterized by a spirit of challenge, as the challenge spreads among the players, because each player aims to achieve victory, and each coach aims to bring his team to the highest titles.
  • You can choose the best players in your team who help you win easily.
  • The game is characterized by beautiful sound effects that raise the enthusiasm of the players, and encourage them to continue playing without getting bored.

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