charging power

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charging power

1.10 Android 4.4 and later
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It is an application that helps you to increase the charging power of your phone.

The charging power application for Android is one of the most powerful applications that introduces you to the power of charging the phone and the appropriate charger for your phone, and why you charge a USB connection quickly and charge another slowly, this application shows you all this and introduces you to the high accuracy of charging and whether your phone battery is suitable with the charger or not, and is Charging weakens the battery or increases it, all these questions will be answered by the charging power application, so you can use it to improve your phone very quickly.

Charging power app for android

This application offers many advantages that make your phone in the best condition and shows you all phone cases, charging power and battery status, in addition to that this application informs you if the charger fits your phone or not, and if the original charger for the phone or a non-original charger harms your phone and weakens The battery, and all of these things are explained to you by the application by measuring the ampere strength and volt speeds when charging the phone, and also this application shows you whether the phone battery is healthy or not suitable for the phone and needs to be changed,

But if your phone is new and the battery is still in it, this application will inform you to change the charging type immediately so that you do not lose your phone. This is a really amazing and wonderful application that improves the quality of your phone and knows all the details of charging and battery by measuring the ampere strength inside it.

This application also checks the quality of charging by writing a number during charging within the application. It must be compared to the number at the top of the screen during charging. If this number matches the charging number, then it is the original charger for the phone and there is no harm to the phone from it. It damages the phone and must be replaced immediately.

Download the charging force app for Android

This application is characterized by many important features that every phone needs, such as knowing the temperature of the phone, because the high temperature of the phone weakens and damages it, and when you download this application and install it on the phone, a bar will appear immediately at the top of the screen showing you the percentage of charge or Near the end of the battery, and also this application alerts you when the battery is full.

This application shows you many problems that can happen to your phone and work to solve them as soon as possible before you lose your phone, and also informs you whether the problem is from the charger link or from the charger itself, and whether this link is suitable for the phone or not, all of these things we must know In order to keep the phone for a long period of time and the phone remains strong and high quality and does not weaken or become heavy to deal with, you must download this application immediately in order to monitor your phone so that it does not become damaged with the passage of time.

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Features of the latest charging power application

  • This application is unique and there is no other similar application, as it knows the power of the phone, improves its performance, and knows the appropriate charger for it.
  • This app shows you the original charger of your phone from the fake charger with ease.
  • The application measures the voltage that the charger does to your phone and whether it is suitable or harmful for it.
  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people from all over the world.
  • This application is suitable for all Android phones and works to solve any phone problems before they occur.
  • This application does not require a large amount of space available on the phone, but its area is small.

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