Dark Days: Zombie Survival

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Dark Days: Zombie Survival

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Best parts of shooting games and survival games

Today we present to you Download Dark Days: Zombie Survival for Android It is the best parts of shooting games and survival games with an exciting open world full of emotions developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited for Android devices.

Game events are mainly held on the idea of ​​survival regularly and preventing the spread of the epidemic. The team has worked on designing games with animated graphics in order to look real and highlight the colors of the neighborhood, in addition to that the music has been mixed well to create a sense of mystery and surprise for the player and many other specifications that We’ll talk about it later

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The game is mainly an action and survival game inspired by Last Day on Earth: Survival, but with advanced graphics and distinct in order to adapt to a post-apocalyptic world full of wild animals and zombies in familiar places, and as a survivor you must survive In this cruel world as long as possible

You will start in a safe area and make your way through the in-game world map. For a familiar survival gameplay, collect stone gold, wood and other materials to build houses and necessary equipment. In addition to going through these activities, you can also level up and learn new skills for your character.

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Toy Story Dark Days: Zombie Survival

The Earth is completely different now, as an unknown plague has nearly wiped out humanity, leading to an eternal struggle for survival. Almost all the residents were turned into bloodthirsty zombies so the apocalypse had come and they filled the city with zombies and the army had to hit the affected areas, but it was too late. The epidemic has gotten out of control. All hope is dashed.

Now everyone has only one option which is to escape to the city and find a place to hide from the hordes of zombies and then build the shelter to live in the new environment after the apocalypse.

So your main task in the game is to fight, gather resources, craft weapons and equipment, build shelters, destroy hordes of zombies, and survive as long as possible in the post-apocalyptic world. Try to survive till the end and bring hope to the new world.

gameplay Dark Days: Zombie Survival on Android?

The gameplay available here is very easy, as it is similar to many games of this type, as you will use the virtual control bar on the left to move your character, while using the action buttons on the right

After that you can enter the warehouse within a game dark days zombie survival apk Equip yourself with weapons, tools and clothes, in addition to that you will be able to use the craft menu to create different tools for your survival journey, but remember to craft any items for which you need resources. That’s why players have to keep an eye on wood, stone, hemp, and metal along the way.

In the game, the player cannot move the character, but can only perform aiming and shooting or other combat operations. In each area, your task is to simply defeat all the zombies that appear, by pressing the aim, shoot, reload or sword buttons arranged in a reasonable position on the right to help players easily manipulate.

And when playing the game, you will go through a specific campaign across seven different war zones to eliminate all the hordes of zombies. Each land has attractive screens and different zombies, and it becomes difficult for players to defeat them. If it’s on the first piece of land, you can pass easily. But later logging in is not easy. Players need great skills to win.

In addition to performing activities to complete tasks, it will also bring interesting feelings to the player. As you complete each mission or level, you will receive corresponding rewards and support items. Your character will have a set health level. When your health is depleted, you will lose and have to repeat the game screen. As your character level up, this health level increases and increases as well.

Besides fighting zombies, you also have to build your base to create a safe haven where zombies can’t see you. Various buildings such as factory depots, fuel production sites, or weapon upgrade beds can help you produce combat fuel or help upgrade your weapons and characters.

Game features Dark Days: Zombie Survival apk for Android mobile

  • It comes completely free of charge, and you can download it through the download links on our Apkxi website
  • The game has a lot of animation and advanced graphics that the game programmers worked on developing, and therefore work has been done to add a lot of sound and visual effects to make it look closer to reality and also to become full of blood, excitement and endless adventure
  • The possibility of playing without the need to connect to the Internet, and thus enjoy it anytime and everywhere without any conditions imposed
  • The game is compatible with various Android devices, so there is no need to be afraid when downloading and installing it on your devices

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