Death Chain: Zombie FPS

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Death Chain: Zombie FPS

0.1.0 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is one of the best fighting games that you can enjoy, as it is very perfect and interesting.

Through the game Death Chain: Zombie FPS for Android, you can enjoy the best unparalleled action games, as you show your fighting skills through the use of various weapons in the game.

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Death Chain: Zombie FPS for Android This game is one of the most powerful adventure and action games. It is a game from the perspective of the first person, this game talks about the end of the world in a city where something unknown has happened until now. Make the people of this city turn into dangerous and ferocious zombies that fight anyone in front of them and eat predators. And zombies live on the blood of humans and the blood of animals, so you must draw their warning away from you so that they do not attack you. You try to go all over the city and save the surviving people and fight against the undead zombies.

Death Chain: Zombie FPS game for Android

This game is one of the interesting games that attracts the attention of many players, because it is the first game that combines shooting. And fight zombies and you must attack them with all your might so that you can run out of them, and it is stipulated in your victory in this game. To stay alive and not to be approached by any zombies because if they suck your blood you will turn into a zombie. Like them and you lose the game, they will work on your fall into the traps they set for you. You must be wary of them and be faster than them in making your decisions.

And you must preserve the city in which you roam and build yourself places to hide from these zombies and supply these places. With many deadly weapons that you fight them with, and you must put wooden boxes around the places that you build for yourself in order to be a strong barrier. Zombies can’t dodge it and reach you,

You must use all the deadly weapons in order to attack and fight against the zombie enemies. In this game, there are other means that help you in killing zombies, which are the poisonous plants grown in the nearby forests of the city. You can harvest enough of them and make them a way to get rid of zombies in times when you do not have a weapon so that they do not attack you. Zombies are fighting you, so you must have another way to defend yourself other than weapons and bullets,

And you have to choose a powerful, unique and modern weapon in order to make you defeat the zombies. And you must be different from anyone in this game and unique in your way of playing in order to get ahead of others and be the winner. who survives to the end.

Download Death Chain: Zombie FPS for Android

Death Chain: Zombie FPS game makes you enjoy when playing because it simulates reality with its high-quality graphics and graphics embodying the characters. And the shape of the city is really real other than the really terrifying zombies, so this game caught the attention of millions of players. And they worked on downloading it immediately and installing it on the phone, and they did not find any difficulty when playing this game for the first time, as it has an easy main interface. And simple that helps you in playing and directs you to the way of playing without explaining or previous knowledge of how to play it.

Many players from all over the world have participated in this game so that they enjoy playing it, entertaining their time, and reducing the pressures of life. They live in an atmosphere of excitement and fun. They bring out the energies within them in wars and fighting in this fun game.

Features of Death Chain: Zombie FPS latest version

  • The Death Chain: Zombie FPS game is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • You live in this game the real atmosphere of excitement and fun, as it is a game that simulates the real reality of fighting and fighting against fierce zombies.
  • This game has been downloaded by many players from all over the world, and this indicates the success of this game and has gained the admiration of millions in a short time from its first release.
  • This game has an easy main interface that does not need to explain the way the game is when you play it for the first time.
  • This game does not need a lot of space on the phone, but its size is appropriate and not huge, and it fits all Android phones.

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