EA SPORTS Tactical Football

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EA SPORTS Tactical Football

0.8.6 Android 5.0 and later
evaluation 731 | 3.2
A sports game in which you can build your own team and strategize to win

EA SPORTS Tactical Football is the most famous football game ever for Android devices and is developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS, where it will enable you to go through many new and distinct experiences and changes with the ability to discover completely new and different ways of playing, especially during or during play Create your own team

In addition to the ability to fully control the players and then defeat all your opponents with realistic and constantly renewed graphics and experience more than wonderful

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Download game EA SPORTS Tactical Football for android

In the EA SPORTS Tactical Football game, each player will be able to be the manager of his own club, in addition to gaining access to many aspects of managing the entire club, as he will become the only person who can make decisions with the purchase and change of all players in addition to putting up the club’s players. Back to the transfer market

With the change of tactics and the development of tight plans and appropriate strategies with the expected formation of the match, and also setting specific instructions for each individual within the team

More than 550 completely different football clubs have been provided with real player stats and also official FIFA licenses.

What are you waiting for now? Build your own team and play EA SPORTS Tactical Football with your favorite players as you lead them to victory and reach the highest ranks

Where soccer stars over 600 players from the English Premier League, including world-class talents and authentic teams, await you.

Game features EA SPORTS Tactical Football for android

The game developers have worked on the new version with all their efforts in order to provide all the exciting and different features and features that players look forward to and need, and among the most important new features within the game are the following:

Enjoy PvP soccer challenges

For the first time in years, EA SPORTS Tactical Football players will enjoy an exciting real-time PvP soccer game on Android devices

You can now play the original 11v11 soccer matches with other players from all over the world.

In addition, you can participate in different epic game modes, beat the best players, upgrade your team and train them on a global level in your own style.

Create your own team

In the EA SPORTS Tactical Football game for Android, players can create their own soccer team with the greatest players from around the world

As work has been done to develop and add more than more than 550 real teams from multiple leagues from all over the world, and thus the ability to choose from a variety of groups in order to compete in competitions

In addition, you can access a huge pool of officially licensed football players from FIFA with accurate statistics and real data, which enhances the realism of the game to an incredible degree.

Customize your team

You can now participate in many advanced aspects of football management where you will create your own roster with multiple players from different clubs and share transfers and training to build your ultimate team.

Professional attack mode

In EA SPORTS Tactical Football you can now play quick matches of up to 90 seconds and their main focus is on attacking scenarios and defenses will be automatically resolved based on your team’s settings

Feel free to enjoy this soccer game. Continuously attack your opponents in real time to defeat them

Compete with different players from all over the world

For those looking to play full time, EA SPORTS Tactical Football lets you enter fun, real-time matches with friends and players from around the world.

As soon as you enter the game, you can choose either to play with friends or choose competitors randomly, and then proceed to win and show your playing skills.

Challenge the best teams in the world in multiple tournaments and leagues and then defeat them all to get amazing prizes and cash rewards that will enable you to develop your skills and upgrade players

Show your absolute talent on the pitch and become the best soccer player in EA SPORTS Tactical Football

Obtaining financial rewards and collecting spoils

In addition to the exciting activities, EA SPORTS Tactical Football provides players with awesome challenges alongside the main gameplay.

Then, upon winning and completing the tasks, you will be able to obtain rewards, official financial passports, and collect more spoils

Game download features EA SPORTS Tactical Football for android

  • The game comes completely free of charge, and you can download the EA SPORTS Tactical Football game for Android through the links on our website apkxi
  • The game has more and more realistic visual and sound effects
  • Build your ultimate team with selections from a global league, top squads, and over 600 superstar soccer players
  • Compete with other players in real time and try to be #1 in the game
  • Team up with up to 19 other players and compete among other players
  • You do not need to connect to the Internet, so you can play anytime and anywhere

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