Evermoreg: Merger Puzzle 3

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Evermoreg: Merger Puzzle 3

Android 4.4 and later
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This perfect game is one of the best games that let you solve puzzles and have fun.

Ever Morge: Merge Puzzle 3 for Android is one of the games that gives you complete freedom in building the city of your dreams. You must build a city equipped with everything you need in your life that does not lack anything. It must be an integrated city in which there is everything you want in your daily life, and also carry out tasks Daily through which you get many gifts and rewards that make you develop your city and work on expanding it and equipping it with everything you need.

Ever Morge: Merge 3 Puzzle game for Android

This game is one of the modern and developed games, despite its modernity, it has a very high download rate, because it contains many features, and it is one of the new games that is not similar to others, and also through it you can achieve your dream of building the city of your dreams freely, as it provides you with all this It also comes with a small space that is sufficient for only 101 MB of free space on the phone to download it, in addition to that it won the admiration of many players from all over the world and got many reviews from them.

In this game, you must build an integrated city, you choose everything in it, even the place where you prefer to build the city, you will work to build houses and gardens in which you and all people live, and your tasks are not only summarized in building, but you must provide everything in the city to serve People in their daily lives, including restaurants, shops, cafes, hospitals, and everything a person needs in his entire life so that he does not lack anything.

All this is required of you in order to make your city charming and accepted by all the people in order to win and get the many rewards.

The game allows you to build houses in the form of small palaces, so you will be the engineer who chooses the modern look and luxurious modern designs of these palaces so that people can admire them, and if you want to build one large palace, you will be able to do so by merging these small stories together until they become a large palace You are free to act in this game as you like.

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In the game Ever Morge: Merge Puzzle 3 there will be several people, each with his own mission, such as the character of the old man who is looking for lands suitable for building palaces and offering these lands to you so that you choose the land you prefer to build castles on,

This is because not all lands are suitable for building, and there are some storms that come strong that can easily demolish what you have built if you choose land that is not suitable for building, and also there are some dangers that can affect your city, such as the fog that comes and covers all the city and you do not see anything from it that you must Protect your city by solving puzzles that make this fog disappear from your city.

At the beginning of the game, you will expect that the construction task is only the tasks required of you, but on the contrary, to be like the head of the city based on supervising everything in it in order to be an integrated city, such as agriculture, as it is the first source in your city that you must do in order to provide you with a source of food for people, This is done by reclaiming some of the lands that you allocate for agriculture, and you must cultivate everything a person needs from food crops, fruits and everything.

Features of Evermoreg: A merger puzzle 3 latest version

  • This game is characterized by the fact that it gets the ninth rank in the games that are similar to it, as it is modern and won the admiration of many players in a very short period of time.
  • This game does not require an internet connection when playing it.
  • The game is easy to play. When you download the game for the first time, you will deal with it and complete your tasks without an explanation of the way to play.
  • This game allows you to fulfill your dream and build the dream city of your dreams.
  • The game is distinguished by its small size, however, the graphics inside it are of high quality, and the graphics in the forms of characters and palaces are excellent.

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