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The application of knowing how you look when you are old, modifying images and changing the shape according to age

to download FaceAppThe FaceApp application for Android and iPhone phones is a photo editing application for Android and iOS smartphones. The application was developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab, which published the first version of the application in 2017. The application was ranked as one of the 25 fastest growing applications in the world, according to Fast Company magazine. The application achieved widespread spread all over the world within a short period of its appearance, while many feared that the application might use the images and data of users that are modified within it for commercial purposes, which poses a threat to their privacy.

Download FaceApp, the most popular Russian photo editing app, with a direct and fast link

Have you ever wondered what you will look like when you are old?! Now you can find out what you will look like when you are older.

Just download the FaceApp photo editing application via our website with a direct and fast link from within the article, and enjoy the famous photo editing application, which will give you a lot of advanced capabilities to modify images of all kinds.

FaceApp is an important photo-editing application, which relies on artificial intelligence technology to modify users’ photos via smartphones, using a number of filters and filters to apply a set of modifications, additions, and distinct effects to your photos.

You can edit all the photos taken by the camera or stored in the studio on your phone, and you can also upload the photos from any other place such as the flash drive or memory card, and then start editing them using the many different filters and effects available on the application.

The FaceApp application offers more tools such as tools to change skin color, color, size and hair styles, age filter that shows the user’s image at an advanced age or in childhood, filters for refining photos or applying makeup, making the face smile inside the image, as well as changing the appearance from male to female Or vice versa.

Uses of FaceApp apk mobile app

This is in addition to a great collection of filters, backgrounds and AI effects:

Photo editor

  1. impression filters.
  2. Beard and mustache mode.
  3. Use different lighting effects.
  4. Remove acne and freckles.
  5. Hide wrinkles.
  6. Enlarge or reduce facial features.
  7. Wear colored lenses.
  8. Comparison tool at each step for comparison before and after modification.
  9. Control color temperature, saturation, and more.

video editor

  1. Various filters for editing videos.
  2. Apply filters to existing recordings to enhance your portrait photography.
  3. Modifications to live broadcast traffic.

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What are the most important features of the FaceApp photo editing application?

FaceApp offers its users amazing capabilities in applying various adjustments and effects to images of all kinds. Perhaps the most important feature of the FaceApp application is the following:

  1. The application is distinguished by its small size compared to the many capabilities it contains.
  2. Supports more than 20 languages, including Arabic.
  3. The application offers you about 21 filters for the free version, and 28 additional filters for the paid version “FaceApp Pro”.
  4. FaceApp comes with a distinctive, simple and easy-to-use interface, and it does not contain any complications.
  5. The application supports many different filters and effects to make various types of image adjustments.
  6. The images that are modified using the application appear naturally, consistent and attractive, without affecting the general appearance of the images.

How to use the FaceApp application to edit photos on Android phones and iPhones

FaceApp has a simple and easy to use interface, and it gives you all the options needed to edit photos easily and smoothly. The application allows photos taken directly from the camera, in addition to the ability to edit old photos that were previously stored on the phone.

As for the way to use the application, it is as follows:

When you open the main screen of the application, choose a photo from the photo library on your phone by clicking on the “all pictures” option at the bottom of the screen, then select the photo you want to modify, or take a new photo using the camera directly. The image you select will start with a filter called “Original”.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find sub-menus that include a variety of filters and effects for you to choose from: impression, smiles, beards, gender, hair styles, hair colors, age, sizes, glasses, morphing and makeup.

On the left side of the screen, you will find image editing options, such as: merging the images that you modified within the application into one image, then saving it on your phone. You will also be able to share the photos you have modified. Icons for sharing and posting photos on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or chat applications such as WhatsApp will appear.

FaceApp is easy to use compared to other photo editing apps. Just upload the image within the app, then use the onscreen buttons to make all the adjustments you want. The most important thing that distinguishes the FaceApp application is that the process of applying modifications to images does not take long, but rather its results are almost instantaneous, unlike other applications that may take a lot of time and effort.

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What are the risks of using FaceApp to edit your personal photos?

FaceApp uploads photos that are modified within the app to the company’s servers, where they are processed, and then sent back to the user.

In addition, the privacy policy within the application does not guarantee the user the privacy and confidentiality of important data or images that will be processed. Rather, there is the possibility of its transmission and use by any party that may purchase the application later. Using the application also requires granting it many permissions that allow it to access the user’s personal data and photos and the inventory on the phone.

Despite all of the above, this type of risk already exists in many other similar applications, which require multiple permissions to access various data on the phone.

The company that developed the FaceApp application stated that it deletes all images from its servers within 48 hours. In addition, the application is used without logging in, and therefore no data that can identify the user will be accessed.

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