How to get a free US number for WhatsApp and Facebook

An American number to confirm WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail Adsense, and others. People often search for such American numbers and other numbers such as a Canadian number, a British number online, a German number that receives messages, and others, but why search On the web, you will find many options in front of you and others, and the biggest problem is that most of these options do not work for you, so in this lesson we will try to compile the best ways in the world to confirm these sites by phone, computer, or online only.

How to get a free US number for WhatsApp and Facebook
How to get a free US number for WhatsApp and Facebook 

How to get a free US number for WhatsApp and Facebook 

1 - How to get an American phone number online

This method does not require you to download any application. Rather, we will use a site that gives you numbers online, where we find an American number, France number, Switzerland number, Germany number, Britain number, Canada number, and many other numbers. The beautiful thing about this site is The list of numbers is large and renewable so that you have a permanent opportunity to get a fresh number , and the number of American numbers in it has reached 120 or more, and the Canadian number is more than 60. What distinguishes this site is that I personally tried it, and of course all you have to do is try From time to time until the confirmation process succeeds, so that you successfully created a German Gmail account and Twitter via this site, and confirmed the process after three attempts with numbers to create an American Gmail account.

What is unique about the site, as I said, is the multiple number feature that gives us an opportunity to obtain a number that is not used much in confirmation, so that these numbers are constantly changing and renewed, so all you have to do at the beginning is to choose the country through which you want to get a number, for example I Choose Canada, then click directly on Get Phone Numbers , and then it will direct me to a list full of numbers, and they are the numbers with which I will try verifying one of my accounts online for free.

After the list appears to me and I want to select a number, just press the number like  +13433030186 and it will be copied automatically, go to your application and try to put it and press send a message, sometimes it tells you the number is invalid and here start the experiment number after number until it is sent The message to one of these numbers, meaning when the last number that we put in the message is successful, we click on Read Received SMS .

After clicking on it, we wait from 3 to 10 minutes, and a confirmation message will appear in front of us, as you can see, the WhatsApp confirmation message arrived after waiting for two minutes, and of course I took the snapshot late because we are in the process of explaining, the important thing is that as you can see the method is successful and at the same time other people use the site, for this We may find that Gmail or Facebook does not accept the number because it is used a lot, so we start experimenting between one number and another, and the same thing may tell you that the site has sent you a message and it does not arrive , so change the number again and change until you succeed in receiving the message From various sites, it is always important that after confirming a number and opening an account, try to get rid of it or replace it after a certain period, because you will automatically get a temporary number and not a forever number.

Website link: SMS FREE WD

2 - Temporary free US number for calls

As we explained in the first method, you can get numbers from different countries of the world, but in this explanation you will see how to get one American number that will be allocated to you for a certain period of time, this number is almost incomprehensible, but it is valid in most cases, as it is after registration On the site in a normal way, you will be asked to enter a number, for example 456 , and then it will give you an American number that starts with the same connection. The important thing is that after that you can copy that number and receive calls and messages, unlike the first site that only receives messages.

But the problem here is that in many cases, and only on Gmail, it tells you that this number cannot be confirmed, and this is something that happened to me, as I enable you to confirm it twice, and the rest of the times it tells me the number is invalid, so all you have to do is enter The hidden browser and running an Android VPN application or Google Chrome extensions , then register a new account on the site and get a new number, and directly register a new Gmail account, and the method will be successful, God willing, but do not forget before closing the new Gmail account on the browser The hidden one, directly and at the same time open it in the normal browser and make sure that it is opened, as you are connected from an IP other than your own and you may lose the Gmail account if you closed it from the hidden browser , and you forgot to open it before that in the normal browser.

All you have to open an account on this site is to log in from here, then choose either to open via Facebook or Gmail, and you choose a new Facebook account from the best and open it with a temporary email such as Ymail  , then you will enter in a normal way to obtain an American number to use in Various applications and in a successful and easy way, and as I said, do not always forget to try to get rid of these US numbers from your accounts because in all cases you will lose access to them sooner or later, and we have seen many people forget these numbers, for example on Gmail, and after a while it may be lost Full access to his YouTube channel, his AdSense account , or the various services that Google gives usAnd the same thing with Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other applications that may need a number in order to open it, and as you can see on the pictures, proofs of receipt of Gmail confirmation messages on this number with ease, and all you have to do is follow the steps and recommendations of this explanation Finally, I hope that you have reached the idea and the main goal is its success.

  • Website link: TEXTKN

3 - How to get a real foreign number to activate Google Adsense, Facebook, WhatsApp.

When searching for foreign free number services on the web, you may come across a lot of explanations estimated at hundreds and perhaps thousands, and almost all of them explain the same thing, so the free number sites have become completely invalid, because the number can do one or two accounts and then expire, but In this lesson, I will introduce you to a site that provides free numbers. Of course, it is not free, but subscribing to it is completely inexpensive.

What do these numbers help me with?

  • The most important thing is to open a foreign account, for example, a German or a British one, with the aim of opening a Google Adsense account via RDP.
  • Open a WhatsApp account in any country you want.
  • Registering on Western sites on the basis that your identity is American or something else.
  • Take advantage of web services that require Western numbers.
  • And more features.
The numbers provided by the site are unlimited, and for example when choosing Germany or any other country, it will provide you with a choice of states or provinces in this country, and within each of them there is a set of numbers, so when you register like in Google and choose the province that you presumably You will live in it, you will choose the number next to this district, and this is what I liked about it, as your registration will be less suspicious and more accurate and professional, and of course you can benefit from the same number in creating accounts for Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, and we do not forget the most important thing is to create Several Google accounts, depending on the method I explained earlier, '  the method of creating an American Google Adsense, activated in seconds after updates  ', the subscription amount varies from one province to another and often ranges between 2 to 3 dollars per month.

* How to use the service of obtaining real foreign numbers?

You enter the  Zadarma website  , then click on Sign Up in order to register on the site, and of course put your email, password, and first name, and click on the Captcha code, confirm, then click on Confirm acceptance of the terms of use, and press registration on the site.

What you will do is that you will enter the site after that, and the first thing you do is confirm your account, where you make pictures of your passport and proof of residency (gas or electricity bill ..), and send them to them so that they confirm your identity, and then you choose the number that You want to enter from the following link:  ZADIRNUM  , then you choose the number according to the country you want, and it gives you the options of a mobile or landline number, of course you choose a mobile phone number because this is what we need in order to confirm our accounts.

How to use the service of obtaining real foreign numbers

Of course, after purchasing your number, the site will provide you with some options, including installing a mobile application on your smartphone. Of course, you can install it easily, but you have to install the vpn application with it in order to be eligible for use within the Arab countries, and to help you if you do not know a good vpn application For Android  , I recommend TCHVPN  .

Of course, do not forget to enter the properties and activate the Receive Sms option, as well as in order to receive activation messages. Of course, as we said, this site enables you to activate many accounts and registrations on the sites as if it is your regular number that you have on your smartphone without any problems. Do not forget to share the topic with your friends who have found it difficult to obtain foreign numbers for their accounts.

In the event that you have any addition, do not hesitate to put it in the comments box so that we can benefit from your experience via the Internet, and peace be upon you.

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