How to learn prayer and ablution

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How to learn prayer and ablution

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This application is one of the prayer applications as it enables you to enjoy a correct prayer.

The application of how to learn prayer and ablution is one of the most powerful applications that teach you ablution and prayer correctly. And you and your children can benefit from this application, as this application must be present on all people’s phones. We need to teach prayer and ablution perfectly, and some of us do not know how to perform ablution properly and may make mistakes during ablution. And also during prayer, this application will teach you these things step by step in order to master the prayer and ablution. And do not forget any corner of them so that you can perform your prayers correctly and you are reassured and do not worry about any mistake that you may fall into. You can use this app and keep your ablution and prayers healthy.

Application of how to learn prayer and ablution for Android

Ablution is one of the pillars of prayer, without it the prayer is considered invalid, and God Almighty has prescribed ablution in order to maintain the cleanliness of the body. And ablution makes a person prepare physically and mentally to perform the obligatory prayer that God Almighty has imposed on all Muslims. And the definition of ablution by including the waw is in the sense of using water to wash the organs specified by God Almighty, and by opening the waw is a name for the water with which the Muslim performs ablution, and the word ablution is taken from the ablution and cleanliness that after what a person does is bright like light, and this ablution rids Muslims of sins as All drops of water that fall during ablution remove sins with them.

God prescribed four parts of the body that are the basis of ablution so that a person purifies through them and meets his Lord while he is clean. These four parts are the face, hands, head and legs. We must not forget any of these parts in order for the ablution to be correct. Prayer is valid and we must focus well when performing ablution so that we do not forget any of them in order for our prayer to be correct.

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Prayer is one of the pillars of Islam. It is the second pillar that God Almighty imposed on the Islamic nation, and it is a basic obligation in order for Muslims to become Muslims. Prayer is the only pillar in which a servant draws closer to his Lord.

Prayer is the pillar of religion. It sows confidence, comfort and tranquility in the human heart. It is the ascension of a Muslim and the only means by which a person draws closer to his Lord. Prayer works to purify the body, heart and mind. You purify yourself five times a day. Prayer is also the means through which we can thank God Almighty. On the many countless blessings that he gave us in our lives and provided us with them, whether from money, children, health, a job, or other countless blessings, and they also remind him of the human being that God Almighty sees him and is with him at any time And any place and in the most difficult situations and tribulations that a person goes through.

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Features of the application How to learn prayer and ablution latest version

  • This application is distinguished by the presence of many things that introduce you to the Islamic religion, the method of ablution, prayer, reading the Noble Qur’an, and the morning and evening remembrances. It is a sufficient and comprehensive application for teaching the entire Islamic religion.
  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • This application works without the Internet.
  • This application is free from all annoying ads.
  • This app has got many downloads from all the people in the world.
  • This application is characterized by its small size, so it does not require much space when downloading it.

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