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Instagram Android 4.1+
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The most popular photo and video publishing application

Instagram application, Instagram application, Instagram or Instagram is the most popular American social network for sharing photos and videos with friends. The application was initially developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, where the first version of the application was launched for iOS systems in October 2010, then a version for Android was launched in April 2012, then a version for computers in November 2012, but it had limited advantages compared to the Android and iPhone versions. After the application achieved widespread success among users from all over the world in a short period of time, this success caught the attention of Facebook, which bought the application for one billion US dollars in 2012, so that the application became officially affiliated with Facebook.

Download the Instagram application with a direct link and create an account on the application

Instagram application is one of the most important social media that allows users to post photos and short videos. You can download the Instagram application on your phone for free via our website, through its direct link in the article.

After you download the application on your phone, open it, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Subscribe button on the homepage to create a new Instagram account.
  2. Enter your email address in the Email field, then click Next when finished.
  3. You can only register by phone number by selecting phone, then adding your phone number.
  4. Enter your username and password, confirm it, and click Next.
  5. You can add a profile picture and add your personal information, then press Done.
  6. Your new Instagram account will be created within the app. You can not enter the email, just click on Log in with Facebook, in order to log in to your Facebook page, and use the Facebook account to log in to Instagram.
  7. You can follow your Facebook friends through the Instagram application.

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How to use an Instagram account

After creating a personal account on Instagram as previously, open your account within the application, and you will find the following icons:

  • Home: It is an icon in the form of a house, and it displays the latest news of the friends and personalities you follow on Instagram.
  • Explore (Explore): The icon is in the form of a star, and when you click on it, the most interactive photos on the Instagram application will be displayed.
  • Capture: An icon in the shape of a camera. Through the icon, you can load existing photos in the device’s memory or take new photos directly.
  • Activity: A heart-shaped icon inside a speech bubble. This icon shows the notifications that the user receives within the application.
  • User Profile: It displays all information related to the user in terms of the number of photos published and the number of people who follow or follow them. You can also control and change personal settings, as well as all account information.
  • If you want to add photos or videos to your account, click on the (+) icon. Select the image you want to add. Instagram will offer you to choose the appropriate filters available on the app. You can write a comment on the photo or video that you want to publish on your page, and you can also tag a person in the photo or specify the geographical location of the photo. You can post the photo or video on Twitter or Facebook via Instagram.
  • If you want to see the Home Page on which you display all the photos and videos of the people you follow on Instagram, click on the magnifier option at the bottom of the application screen from within your account.
  • You can like a photo or video by clicking on the heart icon below the photo or video.
  • To access your personal page, tap the account icon at the bottom right of the app’s home screen.
  • To edit your information, click on the Edit Profile icon within your Instagram profile. After completing the modification, click on the Save option to save what you have modified.

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Top tips for using the Instagram apk to post photos and videos

  1. Raise the quality of the photos and videos you publish using the filters and filters provided by the application, but do not overuse them in order to preserve the natural color and contrast of the original photos and videos.
  2. Use the hashtag tag on the photos and videos that you post on your page. To make it easier to visit your page and follow your posts.
  3. Make sure that you publish updated content regularly to keep your followers on the Instagram page, as well as ensure that you always interact with your followers.
  4. You can take advantage of “Instagram Direct” to contact your followers and send photos and videos to them directly, or to specific groups of them without the other.
  5. Never buy followers; This is because a large percentage of them are fake, and they don’t have any real interaction on Instagram.

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How to temporarily delete an Instagram account

  • Go to the official website of the app from a web browser via the following link:
  • Log in to your Instagram account by clicking on your profile picture, then go to your profile.
  • Click Edit Profile.
  • Select the reason for temporarily disabling the account, then enter your password, then click on the “Temporarily disable account” option.

Permanently delete Instagram account

  • Log in to the following link:
  • Select the reason for permanently deleting your Instagram account, then enter the password, then click Permanently delete my account.

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