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5.1.4 Android 5.0+
Evaluation 94 | 3.1
The most powerful assistant of digital drawing and design tools

Krita, Krita application For Android photo editing and drawing, Krita focuses primarily on digital drawing, although you can also use it to edit photos or even edit photos.

Download Krita photo editing and drawing app for Android

Initially designed for Linux as part of KDE and included in the Calligra suite, the first stable version of Windows was released in May 2014 and brings all the power of previous versions in a Windows environment.

The interface is influenced by both Adobe products and digital drawing applications such as Corel, so any Photoshop user can quickly become familiar with the program.

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What does the Krita photo editing and drawing app for Android contain?

It has a wide range of brushes and details, the ability to work with layers, support for most of the most popular image formats, cropping, vector adjustments, color palette control, and many editing tools.

The best thing about Krita is that it’s free software under the GNU visa, it’s a more than deserved alternative to GIMP, the free photo editor par excellence.

Krita is a powerful graphics editor for working with digital painting. The program contains a large set of different tools and filters for creating or editing photos.

Is using Krita photo editing and drawing app easy?

Krita makes it possible to work with raster and vector graphics, a mirror image of the canvas, various overlay styles, faces, and so on. The program supports common image formats and color models.

Krita also provides many additional tools for customizing the software to meet the user’s personal needs.

Many of us cannot use Photoshop due to the high price of the program and the complexity of the program, so we resort to searching for a simple and free alternative to draw and create designs.

Download Krita apk mobile app

It is an application dedicated to drawing and is considered the best alternative because of its simplicity and many features and characteristics that are present in it and not found in Photoshop, in addition to that it is open source, free and available for most operating systems.

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Features of downloading the Krita photo editing and drawing application for Android

  • Wide range of drawing tools.
  • Many filters and effects to manipulate photos.
  • A large number of settings.
  • Supports various image formats and color models.
  • The app is free and open source, which allows you to download and modify the chord source.
  • The application is available on operating systems other than Android, namely Linux and Mac.
  • excel Krita application on Photoshop in digital painting or 3D drawing.
  • And the app is dedicated to these types of graphics.
  • There is a section to teach and explain the basics of using the software.
  • There are several special tools that are not found in most image design software, such as the Color Filter tool, which is a tool that slices the appropriate colors for your drawing.
  • And a tool to stabilize the brush that you paint with to avoid zigzagging that occurs while painting.
  • krita has an advanced color picker which includes a very large number of color gradations.
  • They are a popup, which means you can pin them to the design side.
  • Krita has many brushes in different shapes.

How to use the Krita photo editing and drawing app for Android 2022

  • To change the position of the image, you press the number 4 or the number 6.
  • And you press the number 5 to cancel the change in the position of the image and return it to its original position.
  • To move an image or element from one place to another, we press the letter t.
  • And to make a modification to this element, we press ctrl + t.
  • To reduce or enlarge the design, we press ctrl + alt or the + symbol twice on the keyboard.

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