Kroha parental control

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Kroha parental control

3.7.0 Android 4.4 and later
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It is an application that helps parents to know the whereabouts of their children.

Kroha parental control application for Android This application is one of the most powerful applications that have been created to monitor children and protect them from Internet damage. Harm he sees, this application was established for this matter, and also this application makes you control seeing the things that your child sees on the Internet and blocking all inappropriate videos or pages, as well as monitoring the hours in which the child holds the phone, as it is really a wonderful application that works to monitor your child without. Teach him so that the child does not feel that you are intruding on him and knowing his secrets. It is a useful application for all parents that you can use now and monitor your child in silence.

Kroha parental control app for Android

This application is very powerful to control your child’s phone without them knowing.

This application can control the sites that your child accesses, and you can choose for him the specific pages that he accesses only and he cannot open others. Through this application it notifies you when the exact time that you set for your child expires.

This application monitors all social media applications, controlled by the web and YouTube, and deletes specific videos that you do not want your child to see, as well as blocking inappropriate pages and blocking applications as well, so there are countless features in this application.

This application is characterized by monitoring your child’s chat on all social media, and there is also a night mode within this application to protect your child’s eyes from the phone’s light that harms his eyes.

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This application works to lock the child’s phone, through the artificial intelligence inside the application, and all this is from within the father and mother’s phone and not from the child’s phone. This application sets certain restrictions that protect your child from using the phone, so it can block games and applications on the child’s phone if they do not Be useful to him, and also block all inappropriate applications for the child from all social media and know the time when your child uses applications and limit the use of these applications, and this application can also make you set a schedule for your child to use during sleep or during study, as it is an application that will not Makes up already has to be downloaded immediately.

This application must be present on the phone of every father and mother so that they can watch their children in silence without making the child feel this matter, because the child at a certain age must be watched well so that he does not do anything bad, and just as the Internet contains many advantages that also contains many harms That is why we have provided this application in order to protect our children without realizing it.

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Kroha parental control app features latest version

  • This application acts as an official control of your child’s phone, as it controls everything inside the phone, but through your phone.
  • This application finds out which pictures your child has taken or which they save in the gallery.
  • Kroha parental control app detects the hours a child holds the phone and limits that time.
  • This application is free and does not cost you anything to download.
  • This application only supports the Arabic language.

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