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Metal Revolution

1.0.23 Android 4.3+
evaluation 45 | 3.2
Challenging action game. Different scenes and battles are the strongest

Metal Revolution Download Metal Revolution for Android with a direct link, Metal Revolution is a challenging action game where you try to enter different scenes and participate in flat battles against different futuristic characters, you will find that each of these fighters has characteristics and attacks that enable you to attack and defeat any of your enemies.

Download Metal Revolution for Android with a direct link

The graphics of Metal Revolution might fool you at first, however, you can also check out the different game modes that it includes that you can play before engaging in any battle.

After downloading the Metal Revolution game for Android with a direct link, you will discover that the most interesting of these modes within the game is the multiplayer mode, which enables you to face other players from all over the world in real time.

Metal Revolution also features simple mechanics, you will find the controls easy to use, because all you have to do is tap on the buttons that appear on the right side of the screen.

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How to control the game Metal Revolution apk for Android mobile

You will also be able to use the virtual joystick to point and move your hero in this or that direction, and you can also coordinate your attacks using the various buttons.

Add to that the indicators that show you each fighter’s power level at the top of the screen. You’ll also have to pay close attention to the countdown, which shows you the seconds left before the fight ends.

Another important aspect of Metal Revolution is that it allows you to unlock new heroes and scenes as you progress through the different levels. Download Metal Revolution for Android direct link.

Download Metal Revolution APK for Android

You can start investing your rewards in acquiring stronger fighters that will help you defeat any enemy you face, no matter how strong they are.

Metal Revolution is a game that will keep you entertained while enjoying its stunning and futuristic setting.

Add to this the great variety of fighters and game modes, which enable you to engage in exciting battles that combine action and suspense through unique 3D attacks.

The Metal Revolution game is one of the most powerful and best ancient war games that has won the admiration of millions around the world, as this beautiful game contains many difficult and fun stages, and you must kill all enemies.

What does the Metal Revolution game contain?

  • This game contains a lot of firearms.
  • You must kill all the enemies and complete the missions given to you so that you can win the game.
  • This beautiful game is characterized by high-quality and accurate sound and visual effects, so that the game becomes very beautiful, as it contains more than one stage and war mission, so that the game becomes very interesting and beautiful.

Metal Revolution APK for Android

  • Metal Revolution is an action war game designed by giant programmers, in which they added many stages, tasks, and beautiful sound and visual effects.
  • In this game you will feel the fun and feel of the real war because of its different effects and firearms.
  • You can download the game completely for free from the Internet and play it very beautifully.
  • The new Metal Revolution game is characterized by its small size, but it offers you high-quality stages, missions, and effects that make the game very powerful.

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New in the game Metal Revolution:

  • There are a number of features and additions to the Gulf War game.
  • One of the most important of these features and additions is that this beautiful game offers you high-quality visual and audio effects that make it very powerful.
  • This game also supports the Arabic language and many famous languages ​​around the world, so that the game becomes very beautiful.
  • You can download the game now from the Internet, play on it, kill enemies, and perform all the tasks and combat stages that the game provides you with.
  • In addition, the Metal Revolution game for Android The new version is available for free on the Internet for all users and works on devices with weak specifications and capabilities so that all users can run and play on it.
  • All you have to do is click on the link at the bottom of the page so that you will be taken to the game download link at the bottom of the page.

Features of downloading the Metal Revolution game for Android, with a direct link

Among the most important additional features that the player will enjoy in downloading the Metal Revolution apk game for Android mobile, with a direct and fast link, for free, are the following:

  • The full Metal game is available free online for all users.
  • This beautiful game has a lot of high quality visual and sound effects to make the game very interesting and beautiful.
  • Metal Revolution does not require an Android device or a computer with high specifications and capabilities to run on a computer.
  • It has a large collection of different weapons that make the game powerful.
  • The Metal Revolution game supports many Android devices and many computers, which makes it beautiful and fun.

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