My Mini Mart

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My Mini Mart

1.15.8 Android 4.4 and later
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This game is a miniature supermarket suitable for enjoyment.

My Mini Mart game for Android This game makes you the owner of property, so you can own a large market in which you can sell everything. Where you can sell all fruits and food products, and also you can grow crops and raise animals in another place. And the placement of fodder and food suitable for animals, as this game allows you to sell all the products inside. It asks you for a lot of tasks that you have to carry out, and this game can also expand and develop from this market of yours. You can build a huge empire of your own in this game, so do not miss this game and enjoy playing it now.

My Mini Mart game for Android

If you dream of becoming a big business owner and running a huge project, you can play the game My Mini Mart. It makes you develop and grow a large chain of markets in which you sell fruits and foodstuffs. And also you work on growing all crops and raising livestock and animals, and this game will help you a lot. It provides you with all the tools, fodder, and food you need for the animals, and also provides you with the seeds with which to plant the fruits. Agents can also be hired in this game to help you and develop your market and farm.

Also, you can do many things by creating places for animals and working on expanding these places, where you will have animal farms and you can take out the products from them and sell them in the markets.

In this game, you can also, after taking out all the products that animals and chicks produce and harvesting the agricultural crops that you grow, you can build a supermarket in which you sell all these things, and also you expand this business and add workers so that they help you in this work. This game helps you achieve your dream and makes you the owner It is a huge and big project, and you will perform many of the tasks required of you in this game, and when you complete these tasks, it will open new levels for you with which you can grow your project, and also work on building many gardens and farms so that you can satisfy the requests of customers and users.

Download the game My Mini Mart for Android

Certainly, many young people dream of having a large series of projects, as this game allows them all this, and in it you must create the plans that follow in order to grow this empire of yours and based on hiring many workers so that your project grows, and with the many tasks that you ask for From this game, you will open new levels of the game to grow the series of markets and supermarkets.

In this game, you must establish many animal farms and also grow agricultural crops that fill the deficit required of you, and also provide many food products to consumers, so you must always update your store so that all customers who deal with you trust you.

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Features of the game My Mini Mart latest version

  • The advantage of this game is that it gives you complete freedom to expand your enterprise until it is the largest empire like no other.
  • You can hire many workers, farmers and also breeders so that they bring you all the safe food that the workers and consumers love.
  • You can expand this game by creating many gardens and farms to develop your own mini market. You must direct your business yourself and manage it until you come out with an unparalleled project that many consumers accept.
  • This game is free and you do not need to pay any fees when downloading it.

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