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NotiEasy – Save Notification

1.3.3-181519102020 Android 6.0+
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This application enables you to retrieve all important notifications simply.

We save you today Download NotiEasy – Save Notification app for Android All people keep important notifications, whether they are in the field of work or in life in general, and these notifications can be lost and deleted and we cannot return them again, but the NotiEasy – Save Notification application, which is distinguished and powerful in saving notifications, saves all daily notifications that are sent to you from all applications And also from different web pages, so do not worry about missing important notifications after downloading the NotiEasy – Save Notification apk mobile application.

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This application makes you keep notifications and notifications that are shown to you from other applications until you return to them if they are important, and also this application does not show you any notification from an application or page through which you blocked notifications, where you can with one click from within the application to prevent any notifications from disturbing you And this application works to automatically save these notifications without you having to save each notification separately.

It is possible at any time to refer to the notification log from within the application and look at any notification with ease. This application works to store notifications completely and also saves notifications with the date they were received. Many people always return to the notifications that are sent to them if these logos are related to work or belong to Studying or anything, this application will benefit you in this matter so that you do not lose any important notifications, and this application also works to save all notifications for each application separately. It provides you with access to any notification in a quick way, and there is also a search bar inside the icon of each application with its notifications in which you can write the notification you want and it will appear to you immediately. It is an easy and simple application in which you do not find any difficulty in using it.

Download NotiEasy – Save Notification apk for mobile

Application NotiEasy – Save Notification apk It works to help you find the old notifications that you deleted by mistake, as it keeps all the notifications that are sent to you by other applications or different web pages. It came from him, as he writes to you the name of the application that sent you the notification, such as the Facebook, Messenger, Instagram applications, and all applications that can send you important notifications that you need at work or in your daily life, as it is really a distinctive and easy-to-use application.

This application contains all the features that make it easy for you to use it, as it is characterized by an easy and simple main interface, and also it is a free application that does not require any payment fees when downloading, and you can share this application with your friends and colleagues at work so that they find an easy way to save important notifications without searching And they waste a lot of time searching.

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Features of the latest NotiEasy app

  • This unique application saves a backup copy of the logos that are sent to you daily so that you can find them when you need them.
  • This application organizes notifications, so inside it you will find application notifications saved separately.
  • This application writes to you when the notification was sent, the date and the application from which the notification was sent.
  • You can organize applications by priority within this application, in which you constantly search for notifications, and make it the forefront within this application.

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