Number Master: Run and merge

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Number Master: Run and merge

1.0.0 Android 4.4 and later
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This is a game for simply collecting numbers for math lovers.

Number Master: Run And Merge game for Android This game is one of the games of intelligence and puzzles as well. It is a game of collecting numbers, as this game gives you certain numbers. You must read these numbers very quickly in order to know the missing numbers and write them. It also gives you incomplete arithmetic problems. You must know the missing number And you write it in the fastest time, as it is one of the artificial intelligence games in which you must be quick to read the numbers and know the solution to the missing puzzle and the missing number from it. Play it right away.

Number Master: Run And Merge game for Android

This game is one of the most beautiful games of speed and intelligence that you can play, as it requires you to collect all the missing numbers in one place, and also you must collect the numbers with the same colors in front of you, so do not think that this game is easy, as it is one of the difficult games because it requires intelligence and speed in taking out the missing number And writing it depends on a specific time in which you must complete and look at the missing number and write it very quickly, so you must use your mind and skills in order to collect more numbers, otherwise you will lose this game.

Also, this game works to collect numbers in one place with the same color, but at a specific time is very small, and in this game there are levels and each level asks you for different tasks, as it exceeds more than 99 levels graded from easy to difficult, you must accomplish all the tasks required of you in the level Until you earn it and move to the next level.

This game is one of the simple and difficult number games at the same time, so you must complete the largest number of numbers in order to finish this level and move on to the next. This game does not need to explain how to play, you will see yourself playing it from the first time yourself.

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This game is distinguished by its high-quality graphics, as it is a very beautiful three-dimensional game that you will enjoy playing, so you must advance in this game and make large numbers in order to achieve your goal within this game, and you can also get rid of the numbers you have by multiplying them together so that you can collect other numbers And you must take all the small numbers in front of you and do not take any large number because if you collide with a large number that you do not have, you will lose the game and lose this number and start over.

Also inside this game there are some consequences and difficulties that you can encounter, such as electric saws and intermittent bridges, so you must jump over them so as not to lose the game and the level in which you play, and there are also boxes that make you unable to walk, so you must jump over them quickly before I collide with them and lose the game, and also You must destroy the walls that meet you, by means of the large numbers that you collect in a very fast way in this game, so that you can advance in the difficult levels.

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Features of the game Number Master: Run And Merge latest version

  • This game is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • This game will make you addicted to play it because it is really a very entertaining and enjoyable game.
  • This game is characterized as a puzzle game that requires quick wit and strong thinking.
  • This game has been downloaded by many players from all over the world, and this indicates its success and great demand for it.
  • This game is suitable for all phones, as it is not large or bulky, but is suitable for all modern and old Android phones as well.

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