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Path of Exile Mobile

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Times of adventure and challenge await you

Download Path of Exile Mobile apk for Android with a direct link, which is an irresistible and immersive gear game developed by GRINDING GEAR GAMES for Android devices

It will continue to take players on an endless journey into the world of the most dangerous and terrifying monsters ever, all this just through their phone screen.

Download game Path of Exile Mobile for Android with a direct link

In the beginning there is Wraeclast, which is a vast continent that was once the center of the most powerful empires in the world, and after that it was demolished and attacked and became a haven for criminals and many of the most dangerous killers

In the game Path of Exile Mobile, players will be transformed into exiles roaming the coast of the island, and they will face many terrible dangers, so your main task will be to discover many bloody secrets of the empire and the Val civilization, and players will have to work hard in order to survive And reach the top of the list of players leaderboards in the world

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gameplay Path of Exile Mobile for Android

Just like the PC version, Path of Exile Mobile will allow players to control a single character and engage in various activities to explore lands and dungeons, fight monsters and complete quests

After completing missions, you can get experience and money from NPCs. In addition, you can choose one of six different classes including Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, Sorceress, and Scion. Each of them has several basic characteristics that differ from other character classes.

You can also focus on typical traits such as strength, creativity, and intelligence. Each character class will receive a unique set of skills. In addition, players can also learn step by step how each character class works. In addition, Path of Exile will allow players to upgrade and collect gear and gems.

Also, in the game Path of Exile is a paid game that is completely different from many other role-playing games on the market. There will be no coins in this game. The economy of the game is based on the exchange of monetary items. Coin items have unique uses, depending on their rarity, and will have levels that vary from exchanges.

If you don’t earn money, it will make this game inflation-proof. Most items will be used alternately

Game download features Path of Exile Mobile for Android

Among the most important features of downloading the Path of Excel mobile game are the following:


Path Of Exile Mobile offers seven different classes of characters. Each of them has different characteristics, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Rogue: Rogue It is a character class with superpowers. Good in combat attack, large blood volume, good defensive ability.
  • WatchmanRangers use ranged weapons and can dodge danger very well.
  • the witch: The witch deals a lot of damage and dominates her opponents. But her defense is weak and her blood volume is low.
  • Tumblr: This character class is a combination of strength and intelligence. He can use magic and is easily accessible.
  • the shadow: This character class is a combination of agility and intelligence. He takes down opponents with a series of quick attacks. In addition, he can set traps and mines to control the battle.
  • swordsman: Swordsman is a combination of strength and dexterity. He has long range fighting capabilities.
  • offspring: a character class that combines strength, creativity, and intelligence. Provides flexibility to customize all other character classes.

Skills and abilities system

Path Of Exile Mobile is a unique game with diverse character development and players will have a huge skill system with many attributes and attack and defense capabilities.

Each character class will start with a part of this skill tree and at the highest level each character will get 100 skill points.

Thus it needs a lot of points so players must increase skill points to balance other characters’ health, damage, mana and stats.

Hence the proficiency system will be as complex as the skill system and each piece is designed with sockets in the three colors of red, green and blue which correspond to strength, dexterity and wisdom.

Straight. You will use gems of the same color as the mosaic in the slot. These gems will give players powerful abilities. They level up your use of them and your abilities. Strengthen them with secondary gems.

More professional design

Path Of Exile is designed using modern technology on an excellent 3D platform. The game has a dark color similar to some RPGs of its kind. However, such a design is very suitable for exploration and combat in a dark fantasy world. The game also provides many beautiful effects.

Game download features Path of Exile Mobile for Android

  • It comes completely free, and you can download the Path of Exile Mobile game for Android through the download links on our apkxi website
  • A lot of animations and accurate details that give the game a character of excitement, suspense and extreme realism
  • It is compatible with all devices running Android

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