Save The Pets

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Save The Pets

3.4 Android 4.4 and later
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In this game, you have to save the dog from the dangers in which it is located.

Save The Pets game for Android This fun game in which you have to protect the dog from the attack of the bees that surround it from everywhere, you must protect the dog in a period not exceeding 10 seconds only, in this game you must be very smart to protect the dog from attack The bees and their stings that eliminate you in this game and make you lose the level in which you are playing, and you can also save the dog by drawing a line in front of the dog so that the bees do not reach it, and you must draw the line in a small size in front of the dog’s face, then your mission will succeed and protect the dog from the attack of the bees .

Save The Pets game for Android

This game gives you some tasks through which you must save the dog, as the dog is one of the pets that is faithful to man and it is a friend of man by nature, so the friend must protect his friend from the predatory attack that harms him and makes him uncomfortable if he stings him, and it is often the sting of bees It is not harmful in this game, but it harms the dog, so you have to draw circular lines in order to protect the dog from the attack of bees, but this game sets you a certain number to draw lines and circles, so you must draw them in the right place.

This game gives you a certain time so that you can save the dog in it, which is only ten seconds, so you must save the dog during this period, and you can also help save the dog through other powerful animals that you can buy to help you save the dog in this specific period for you Because it is a very short period of time and these animals are cats, panda bears, or any other animal, and if the dog is rescued in less than the period specified for you, you will get many prizes and rewards through which you can buy many animals within the game, this game is fun Very suitable for large and small.

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This entertaining game is one of the puzzle games that contain some smart aspects that require you to have quick wit and strong concentration in order to be able to save the dog. .

There is no solution for the player but to draw lines that protect the dog from bee stings and the difficulties in which it falls, and the line that the player draws around the dog differs according to the difficulty and danger in which it is located, and this game also offers some simple solutions and aids that give a hint in solving this puzzle during progress In difficult levels until you find the solution easily and protect the dog from bee stings or from any other danger, such as setting barriers that he can collide with, or thorns in the ground that have penalties if he steps over them, you will lose the level of the game in which you are playing, so it must be preserved Of all the traps it falls into, the first of which is harmful bee stings.

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Features of the game Save The Pets latest version

  • This game is different from other games that you can play, as it contains two types of play, which is solving the puzzle and protecting the dog from bee stings.
  • This game is very small and does not require a lot of space to download, so it is easy to install it on the phone.
  • This game has sound effects that give the spirit of adventure inside this game.
  • This game is constantly updated so that all the problems that players face are fixed.

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