Timed screen lock

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Timed screen lock

3.9 Android 4.4 and later
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This application enables you to lock your phone very accurately and quite simply.

Timed screen-lock application for Android Today we are on a date with the most powerful applications that are unparalleled in the lock screen. This application is unique, there is no application similar to it. This application works to protect what is inside your phone from all people and also from your children who are always playing with the phone. You only need to set this application at the time and time that you want the phone to close and it will close the phone at this time that you specified and no one can open it except you. You can set a timer to lock the screen and lock the phone and this application will lock immediately.

Timed screen-lock application for Android

This application works to lock the screen and the phone in a way that no one can open the phone without you, as it has a light tool that works to set a specific time. If this time comes, the phone and the screen will be locked, and this application has nothing to do with the phone system if you are assigned a lock tool, for example, the inscription or the fingerprint For your phone, this application has nothing to do with this system, but it only locks the screen and the phone at the specified hour that you set through it, it locks the phone and the screen directly, and it is not opened except by entering the password first.

Do you give your child your phone? If the matter is yes, then you must download the Timed screen-lock application, which works to determine the time when the child holds your phone and after this time he cannot open the phone again. If you allow him to hold the phone at a specific time and get busy and the child remains He plays on the phone, this application determines the time that you allowed the child to play on the phone, and he will close the phone after this time ends, and the child cannot open it again, and he will return the phone to you.

Download the Timed screen-lock application for Android

Timed screen-lock application This application is characterized by a very easy and simple main interface in use, as it is not complicated like other lock applications, so you can use it when you download it for the first time, so you do not need to explain how to use it. It is a screen lock after the end of the time that you set for it, and this application is one of the latest applications that you can try in locking the screen, as it serves you at all times and protects your phone from intruders or from your children at home, and say goodbye to fear for your privacy inside the phone, as this application protects them now.

This application is constantly updated to provide us with everything new. The tool that can lock the screen has been updated, so it used to be locked with a code or inscription, but now you can lock it with a touch of fingers, only all you have to do is choose the appropriate screen lock with you from within the application and it is done Lock at the time you set.

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Features of the application Timed screen latest version

  • This application is completely free and does not require any fees when downloading from the Google Play Store.
  • This application has won the admiration of many people from all over the world, and this indicates its great success.
  • Lots of people have downloaded this and it is getting more and more downloaded day by day.
  • This application is completely free of annoying ads.
  • This application has been evaluated by many people, and its rating has reached four out of five stars.
  • This application is characterized by its small size, so it does not require much space on the phone and is suitable for all Android phones, strong and weak.

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