Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

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Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

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Caller ID application

Application TruecallerTruecaller is an application that is used on smart phone devices to identify the caller. It can also be used to block the caller or record calls on Android 8 and above. It is also used to make chat and voice chat through the Internet. Registration in the application is carried out using the phone number. The application is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Truecaller was first launched by True Software Scandinavia AB in Stockholm in 2009.

Download the Truecaller application for Android phones, with a direct link, for free, and the features of the application

Truecaller is the first thing you turn to if an unknown number calls your phone. To be able to identify the identity of this number and get rid of hazing and annoying numbers. You can now enjoy all the features of the application by downloading it to your phone via the direct link inside the article completely free of charge, then registering within the application using your phone number.

The work of the Truecaller application depends on synchronizing contact data on the phones of all users of the application, and then adding it to a huge database, so that Truecaller relies on it to identify the identity of caller numbers anywhere. If annoying numbers are repeatedly called on your phone, they can be blocked immediately.

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It is worth noting that when you use a social site such as Facebook, all contacts and their phone numbers, names and emails will be uploaded to the Truecaller application server, and then they will be included in the application database.

The Truecaller application provides you with many other features that many users of the application may not know, so we will review with you the most important of these features in the following lines:

Call recording feature

The Truecaller application allows you to automatically record voice calls for all Android devices, whether incoming or outgoing calls, and store them on your Google Drive account, to save storage space on your phone.

You can replace the automatic recording feature with the manual recording option, so that you can choose what phone calls you want to record before answering the call. A floating button will appear on the screen, press it if you want to record the call.

This feature is always available in the paid version of the application. You can also activate it and use it for 14 days only in the free version. Go to “Settings”, then “Call Recording”, then click on the “Start Free Trial” button.

Save a backup copy of the contacts registered on your phone

The Truecaller application allows you to store and save a backup copy on Google Drive of contact data on your phone, such as: contacts, call history, blocked numbers list, settings and other important data; So you can get it back when your phone is stolen, lost or damaged.

To be able to use the phone data backup feature, go to “Settings”, then “Backup”, then select “Backup”.

You can get this data later by reinstalling Truecaller on your new phone, then entering the app backup settings. Sign in with your Google Drive account, then restore your backup.

See if the number you are going to call is available

Truecaller displays the Activity Status of all contacts. Enter the call log, and you will find numbers with a red circle below them. This means that the person is busy, on a call, or that the phone is silent. So he will not answer your call. If you find a green circle, he is currently available and you can contact him.

Identify the number by copying or photographing it with the camera

Truecaller can display information about the phone number being copied or photographed with the camera as follows:

  • You can copy the number of any phone you encounter on the Internet or social networking sites, and the application will recognize that you have copied a phone number, and display the number data in a notification that appears at the top of the screen, with the possibility of calling the number or sending a text message to it.
  • If you see a phone number written on a piece of paper, or on a street sign, etc., open the application, then press the “Scan a Number” button from the application menu, and the camera will open. Point the camera at the number, and all its data will be displayed.

Remove your phone number from Truecaller database

Showing your phone number in the Truecaller database to all users of the application may constitute a violation of your privacy. To remove your number from Truecaller, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application, then go to “Settings”, then to “Privacy Center”, then click on the “Disable” button.
  2. The “Restrict Processing” confirmation window will appear, from which click “Yes”.
  3. After deactivating the account, completely remove the app from your phone.
  4. Then enter the Unlist phone number link, which is
  5. Select the country in which you currently reside, then type your phone number with the country code.
  6. Click on Unlist phone number, and your number will be permanently deleted from the Truecaller database within 24 hours.

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Is Truecaller a safe app to use?

When you download the Truecaller application on your phone, the application collects a lot of personal data, as well as obtaining many permissions that allow it to access many parties on your phone, as follows:

Personal data that the application collects:

  1. Your IP address.
  2. Your geographical location.
  3. your Facebook page.
  4. The manufacturer and type of your phone.
  5. Phone ID.
  6. Use the SIM card on your phone.
  7. All applications installed on your phone.
  8. Your email address.
  9. your pictures.
  10. Postal code, address and country where you currently reside.
  11. Keywords, data of incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  12. Phonebook and contact data
  13. default communication applications.

Permissions Truecaller gets:

  1. Camera permission.
  2. Location permission.
  3. Permission for the microphone to record your voice on the phone.
  4. SMS permission.
  5. Storage permission, where the app can modify or delete the contents of the SD card on your phone.
  6. Contact permission to edit your contacts.
  7. So answer your phone calls.

In addition to the above, the application can know and record your clipboard data. If you copy anything to the clipboard like your password, it will be recognized and recorded in the Truecaller database immediately.

All of this may constitute a violation of the privacy and security of your personal data, and may expose to risks or inconvenience, so some may see that Truecaller is an unsafe application to use.

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