TV Cast for Chromecast

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TV Cast for Chromecast

2.49 Android 4.4 and later
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This app helps you connect your tablet to your computer.

TV Cast for Chromecast application in a smart display for Android This application is one of the most powerful applications that you can use to make your phone like a TV, so you can display all media, videos and images on it in the form of a large TV, through this distinctive application, and you can also see other videos that are displayed In the pages in a small image and put it on this application, you will see it as if you are watching TV or a large screen, so you can watch your favorite series, movies and all the videos that you want to watch easily and simply through this wonderful application, then you will see yourself in front of a large TV screen that will not be damaged when watching Any video or media on the phone.

TV Cast for Chromecast app in Smart View for Android

Enjoy with the TV Cast application in a smart view by watching media, videos and photos through this application, and you can share the media in any other phones such as friends or family phones so that they can enjoy watching large-sized videos and media with you, this application works to share your phone with any other phone and can Also, if you share a compatible tablet device with your phone, such as a TV or any wireless display devices, you can make your phone display the media and videos inside these other tablets through sharing.

This application is like a TV with you, not an Android phone, as this application helps you to scan the properties of the Android or the tabs of the phone and make it transform like a smart TV so that you enjoy playing videos, music and pictures and you can share these scenes with any other devices anywhere and at any time.

Download the TV Cast for Chromecast application in a smart display for Android

This application connects your device to any other tablet device such as a TV or computer so that you can view your photos and videos on it and watch them clearly. All you need in this task is to connect the two devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

There is a strong feature in this application, and it is that you can choose any image or video from your phone gallery and send it to any other device and display it on it, such as a TV or computer. The media inside your phone This app is really special and needed by many people.

This application can read any content from your Android device on any other devices, and when you display any video through your phone on any other tablet device, you can control this video through the phone, so it makes the phone as a remote control, so you can play the video through the phone or Pause it, trade it, increase or decrease the volume, and control the other device through your phone.

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The advantages of the TV Cast application in the latest smart display

  • This application features that you can operate anything from another device on your phone or operate your phone on any other device and control both devices through your phone.
  • This application has been downloaded by many people from all over the world, and this indicates its success and great features.
  • This application is small in size, so it does not require much space and is suitable for all Android phones.
  • This application features an easy and simple main interface that you can deal with when you download the application for the first time.
  • This application is completely free and does not require any payment fees when downloading it from the Google Play Store.

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