VoCaller – Voice Calling

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VoCaller – Voice Calling

1.4 Android 4.4 and later
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It is one of the applications that help you get rid of annoying applications.

VoCaller application – voice calling for Android This application is one of the most beautiful applications that facilitate a lot for you, only this application works to contact anyone at any time you want in an easy and simple way without entering the communication application and searching for the name and number that you want to call only everything What you have to do is open the phone and mention the name of the person you want to call, and the phone will connect automatically. It is really a great application that should be used immediately.

VoCaller – Voice Calling App for Android

If you want to make a call as soon as possible, you should use the VoCaller application – voice dialing. This application makes you call anyone without entering the application. If the phone is turned off and the screen is locked, a simple click on the power button can make you call what you want. You just have to say a name. The contact you want to call, and the phone will call automatically without entering the application or even entering the communication device and searching for the name you want to call. This application is of great benefit to you at work at a time when you are busy and we always need a necessary connection at a certain time. We can hold the phone at that time, as this application makes you talk on the phone with whoever you want at any time simply and easily through the voice pronunciation of the name you want to talk to.

Many times, especially during sleep or after returning from a stressful and tiring day at work, we get lazy to open the phone, search for names, take out the name we want to call, and press the call process, but goodbye to all these steps with the VoCaller application – voice calling does everything, only its commands Your voice does what you want immediately.

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This wonderful application makes it easy for you to call, as it works on auto-playing the voice recording. When you say a name from the contact you want to talk to, he calls immediately when he hears your voice. Your phone, even if it is closed, if you will not be able to hold the phone and open it, and it also makes you call whoever you want to talk automatically, and this matter serves you when you are driving your car and you cannot carry the phone, but this application provides you with speaking with your voice only and saying the name of the person and he calls automatically.

It is also possible in this application to allocate a counter for the seconds that are between the voice and the voice, meaning when you call a specific person using your voice, you work on an end timer for this voice until you return to talk to the phone again and call anyone else after the end of the first call and then the application starts calling again With another person, and also this application prefers certain names of the people that you always contact with so that it is easy for you to contact them in a very fast way, everyone is busy with his work or passes through circumstances that we cannot get out of the phone, but with this application this will not be a problem for you. We made this easy for you, all you have to do is download this application and enjoy the supernatural features inside it.

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Features of the latest version of the voice calling application

  • This application is easy and simple and you can deal with it the first time you download it.
  • This application works without the net, so you can use it anytime and anywhere.
  • This application is very fast on the device, so it does not hang during use.
  • This application is devoid of annoying ads.
  • This application does not need much space.
  • Battery charging is not consumed quickly.

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