Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

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Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

0.31.1 Android 7.1+
Evaluation 19 | 3.2
The latest zombie games.. Participate in the epic of eliminating zombies

Download Zombeast apk for Android with a direct linkIt is one of the fighting games for Android phones. The game does not require internet connection; Where you can play offline without connecting to the Internet. The game takes place in the terrifying world full of zombies, where you are one of the survivors after all the creatures have turned into zombies, and here you have to protect your life from the threats posed by these creatures, which have now turned into scary and deadly zombies. The game was released by the famous game company (Ino-Co), and it was produced by (Plus Russia), and released by the Australian studio (AKPublish pty ltd) in 2020. The game is available for free download for all Android phones.

Download Zombeast for Android phones, with a direct link

that Download Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter for Android It gives the player the ability to play one of the survival fighting games of the action game category. The game comes with a wonderful and very professional design in the form of interesting and exciting graphics, and an attractive and exciting combat style.

The game offers a typical story of a world invaded by savage zombies, more than ten types. The player is one of the few survivors of a deadly virus that infected humans and turned them all into zombies, which are monstrous creatures of different classes, each with special characteristics. Here the player must fight and take the necessary actions to eliminate those creatures to save himself and save the whole city from those terrifying creatures.

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How to play and fight wild zombies

The game is divided Zombeast apk It is divided into three main parts, which determine the way to play, namely:

  • Campaign: It revolves around the story that the game revolves around and the stages of the game that are predetermined.
  • Daily Missions: Defines daily battles and missions, which the player must accomplish; So he gets great rewards after completing each mission.
  • Endless Run:Here, you can take on an endless challenge against zombies, in open combat to eliminate all zombies, and for your survival.

The player will encounter 13 different types of zombies, which differ in their characteristics and degree of danger, such as fat zombies, jumping zombies, crazy zombies with swords, poisonous zombies and so on. The player takes his special weapon and starts hunting and killing zombies.

You can move to the front, left, or right, while moving in the back (moving backwards) you will not be able to do it freely like the rest of the moves. When zombies approach you, targets will be set automatically. All you have to do is shoot the target (the zombies) at the right time, so that you can kill them all.

You can switch between dozens of real weapons, which are divided into different categories; Each of them performs a specific activity. You will find manual weapons such as knives and swords, and firearms such as pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles of various kinds, explosives, traps, and other different types of weapons.

The gameplay is designed to be smoother and more engaging, offering more maneuvers during the gameplay. Also, there are different modes of play, multiple types of weapons and zombies, along with a lot of gems, rewards, and gifts that players get when they win.

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How to survive as long as possible in the Zombeast game

In order to survive against zombies for a long time, you need to have enough ammo. The player is supplied with a certain amount of ammo at the start of the game, which decreases as more zombies are fought, at which point the player will need to resupply their ammo.

You can use weapons that kill many zombies at once such as explosives, traps, and more. You can also upgrade the weapons you have or unlock new ones through the in-game upgrade system.

You can hide behind cars, barriers, and other places available in the game. You can also attack a group of zombies and kill them at once, which will make you get a big reward. Be careful to avoid HP dropping to zero during combat.

Zombeast apk features for Android 2022

Zombeast offers a lot of advantages to players; To enjoy an exciting and interesting experience in fighting zombies. Among its most important features:

  • HD graphics and 3D graphics.
  • You can play with players from all over the world in a world full of zombies.
  • Also, an excellent sound system with sound effects is compatible with all types of Android phones and tablets.
  • The game provides different types of weapons and various ammunition, which help you to attack zombies.
  • There are also multiple modes of play.
  • Availability of continuous updates to provide new tasks, features and content.
  • 28 new in-game levels: Zombie mode (18) and Hell on Earth mode (10).
  • Various rewards and gifts for daily entries and tasks.
  • Availability of golden skins for several weapons.
  • You can play without internet connection.
  • The game is free.
  • The game is compatible with Android 7.1+.

You can download the game now via our website with a direct link, and enjoy a wonderful realistic experience fighting savage zombies to save the city.

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