Al Quran Majeed – Holy Book

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Al Quran Majeed – Holy Book

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This application enables you to read the Holy Quran in a very simple way.

The Holy Quran application – Read the Quran for Android is one of the most important applications through which you can read and hear the Holy Quran. Also, this application is very special and helps you to look at the Quran anytime and anywhere you are. This application helps you to make the Qur’an the main guide on your way to obtain the happiness of both worlds, whether you are at work or anywhere. And you left your Qur’an at home, you can use the application and read the Qur’an or hear it through it.

Holy Quran Application – Read the Quran for Android

You can download the Holy Qur’an application – Read the Qur’an to read and listen to the Qur’an on your mobile phone that supports any Android system. By entering the Google Play Store, searching for the application in its search box, clicking on download the application, then downloading it, and after completing the download, open the application on your mobile phone screen and listen to the Qur’an or read it.

Through the application, you can read and memorize the Qur’an wherever you are in the event that you do not have the Qur’an with you, and you can also listen to the Qur’an via mp3. Sometimes we need to refer to the Book of God at times when we feel sad or distressed or when we suffer any harm or Disliked The app will help you do this.

Through the application, you can know the 99 beautiful names of God, and the application also helps you to know the meaning of each name and attributes of God Almighty so that we understand the attributes of God and try to improve ourselves and our attributes as this increases our faith in God and strengthens our hearts.

The application provides you with knowledge of the nearest halal stores and knowledge of the necessary Islamic food products, hygiene and cosmetic products, medicines and other various services without the need to search for the Internet or on websites. Indeed, it is a wonderful application that helps you plan your personal and religious affairs accurately.

Download the Holy Quran application – read the Quran for mobile

You can download the Holy Qur’an application – read the Qur’an on your mobile phone. All you have to do is search for a link from the application’s links, click on it, download the application on your phone, and then open the application and benefit from its work.

This application helps to know, read and memorize the hadiths of the Prophet, the application includes the forty hadiths of the Prophet and they contain the most famous hadiths that we need in our lives and we need to know them and refer to them in many matters, memorizing the hadiths of the Prophet is one of the great things that increase your good deeds and make you aware of a lot of things.

The Sunnah is the interpreter of the Holy Qur’an, just as the Sunnah came with a set of rulings that the Holy Qur’an did not come with, so the Sunnah interpreted and brought some rulings as it confirmed a group of matters and religious rulings, so it must be referred to, just as it is part of our religion to memorize the Qur’an and understand it, and it is also our religion to memorize the hadiths of the Prophet And understand it well until the doctrine is complete, the application helps you with this.

The application gives you alerts for prayer times, if you forget your prayer time after today, this application helps you manage your time, and the application also contains a compass that you can refer to if you are in a place and want to perform the prayer and you will not know the direction of the qiblah.

Features of the application of the Noble Qur’an – read the Qur’an, the latest version

The application has a set of features, namely:

  • An application that meets the basic needs of every Muslim.
  • The application has a distinctive, easy-to-use interface.
  • You can choose the language, you can read the Quran in English.
  • It contains a set of tools that make it easier for you to read and memorize the Noble Qur’an and the hadiths of the Prophet.
  • It contains some graphics that have a certain meaning.

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