AnyDesk Remote Desktop

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AnyDesk Remote Desktop

6.6.0 Android 4.4 and later
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It is an application that enables you to connect to multiple devices.

AnyDesk Remote Desktop application for Android This application is one of the most famous applications that can control your phone remotely, as it works to communicate devices with each other and does not require downloading it to the phone or installing it on the device, so you can register in it through your phone number and after that you send anything You want it for anyone close to you. If you want to send files to work to another network or another device with you at work, you can use this application, as it is easy to use. It depends on a simple main interface that helps you understand it without any complications or problems that you face. It is the perfect application used by millions. You can try it now.

AnyDesk Remote Desktop app for Android

This application can control your device and other devices remotely, through the encryption code that the specialists put in this application, so that you can communicate and send anything you want without installing this application on the phone. Also, this application is not to send and receive files or anything only, so you can use this The application is in the search, as there are many tabs within it that help you find anything you want, and this application also fixes the files, pictures, or video that you want to send to any other device, as it restores the quality for all the things that you want to send and also works to reduce and compress the size of the sender So that it does not take up much space on your device or the device on which you send it, it is really a unique application that provides you with many things.

This application also works to provide some features that every person needs, as it sends and exchanges files and also works on printing them remotely and can reach any other virtual network that is represented in VPN networks, and inside this application there is also a chat so that you can communicate with people remotely and communicate What you need will be found inside the AnyDesk Remote Desktop app.

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This application works to give the user complete security in anything he sends or receives, as it is completely encrypted and has complete confidentiality. When a connection is made between two devices that send any files or anything through the AnyDesk Remote Desktop application, this connection is completely encrypted between the two devices, and the data that It is sent not known or seen by the application server, and this application also allows both parties to use the whitelist feature so that you allow only the devices that you have previously connected to send to you and also receive from them.

This application is light on the device and does not cause any burden to it. Also, it does not receive or send files or establish a chat with any other person in this application unless this other person also has this application on his device. If you want anyone to enter your device, you must You share the encrypted number in this application with this person so that he can access your device with ease.

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Features of the AnyDesk Remote Desktop application, the latest version

  • This application is distinguished by running on the phone without installing it on the phone, and you also have the freedom to install it like other applications.
  • This application works by connecting to other devices remotely, as it is very fast in sending anything you want to send.
  • This application adjusts the quality of anything you send and also compresses large files and documents.
  • Inside this application, there is remote printing, and there is also chat and communication inside it.
  • This app relies on complete security and encryption when sending anything through the two devices.

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