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AppLock Pro, Download the AppLock Pro application for all Android devices and smartphones via a direct and fast link from the Apkxi website. Download the best apps to protect privacy on your mobile phone from hundreds of programs and applications used to protect data on mobile phones, which work by putting a lock on important applications, files and data; to prevent others from accessing it, but not all applications are effective for this; So, in this article, we will review with you one of the most important and effective programs to lock applications and protect data on the phone, which is the AppLock Pro application.

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Download AppLock Pro with a direct link for free and the most important features and capabilities of the application

Download the AppLock Pro application to protect applications and data with a direct link and install it on your phone, which will make you able to protect and hide your applications and files that contain important or confidential information or data from snoopers.

Through the AppLock Pro application, you can lock all applications on your phone of various types:

  • Social applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others.
  • Basic applications on the phone for the Android system, such as contacts, SMS messages, photo gallery, video, email, YouTube, and more.
  • Programs that contain important and confidential data, such as payment applications, such as the PayPal application.

Downloading the AppLock Pro application provides you with many features and capabilities, the most important of which are:

  • The application guarantees you complete privacy on your phone, as you can close your applications and files with a password or a specific pattern.
  • The application is completely free.
  • Using the application, you can lock all the programs that you select, whether applications or system programs, and so on.
  • You can retrieve passwords if you forget them, as they can be reset through some settings within the application.
  • There are many distinctive themes and wallpapers that give your phone a distinctive aesthetic look.
  • You can stop the AppLock Pro application on your phone without having to uninstall it, by entering the Preferences tab, then choosing AppLock-Status.
  • Inside the application, you will find many lock patterns such as PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and more.
  • The application comes with a distinct and organized interface that provides ease of use.
  • The application does not require much space to download and install on the phone, nor does it consume device resources.
  • The application is compatible with all Android devices.
  • AppLock supports multiple languages; To allow users from all over the world to deal with it with great ease.
  • The application allows you to activate the feature of taking a picture of those who try to unlock your phone.
  • The application gives you an important feature, which is the ability to specify a specific time in which applications are unlocked, and after this time has elapsed, applications are closed again with the specified lock pattern within the application.
  • The ability to hide notifications for applications that have been locked using the application.
  • The feature of locking all recently used applications on the phone at once.
  • The ability to enable the use of a fingerprint to lock applications.
  • The application provides the feature of giving a sound alarm or showing an error message when entering the wrong password several times in a row.

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How to use AppLock Pro and explain the interface of the program?

AppLock Pro has an easy and simple interface, which any user can handle with complete ease. After downloading the AppLock application lock program with a direct link from within the site and installing it on your phone, open it by clicking on the application icon that will appear on your phone screen.

After opening the application, you will find the interface consisting of several tabs as follows:

  1. Applications: This tab is divided into two tabs: The Locked tab contains the applications that have been locked with one of the lock patterns. The Unlocked tab displays the apps that are not unlocked.
  2. DesignHere, the user can choose between many distinctive themes and backgrounds for the lock screen.
  3. Preferences: The tab displays all the capabilities and settings of the application, such as activating the fingerprint lock, activating taking a picture of those who try to unlock the phone, and other settings for locking applications. To activate any feature, click on it from the list, then activate it.
  4. Security: Here the user can change the password or lock pattern used, or change the question that is set with the lock pattern when starting to use the application.
  5. About: Displays some things about the application, such as the possibility of purchasing the application, installing and upgrading to the paid version, following the application on Instagram, or evaluating the application on Google Play, and so on.

How to lock apps with AppLock Pro

You can lock any application on your phone from within the AppLock Pro program very easily, just go to the Apps tab inside the program, then search for the application that you want to lock within the list of applications displayed in the Unlocked tab. Click on the open lock icon next to the name of the application and it will be locked with the pattern that you selected at the beginning of your use of AppLock. You will find that the name of the application has been hidden from the Unlocked tab, and it appears in the Locked tab.

If you want to unlock an application, click on the lock icon next to the application name in the Locked tab, and it will be unlocked, after you enter the password.

Disadvantages of AppLock Pro

  1. The appearance of a lot of ads that you can only skip after a certain period has passed. You can avoid this by upgrading to the paid version of the program, which is devoid of any ads.
  2. Using AppLock Pro requires access permissions to all apps and files on your phone, which could be a breach of user privacy.

AppLock Pro is one of the unique applications that offers you advanced capabilities that help you protect and hide all applications and files that contain important information or confidential data, whether in your business or personal life.

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