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Assistant for Android

24.25 Android 4.4 and later
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The app has a lot of features that let you manage the apps on your phone simply.

Assistant for Android phone management application is one of the phones that you can download on all mobile phones that support Android. This application is one of the most popular applications that help you manage your phone. The application has a wide range of features. It has a distinctive interface that is easy to use, it is really a great application to manage your phone, we talk about this application through the article, so follow us.

Assistant for Android phone management app for Android

You can download the Assistant for Android phone management application on all Android mobile phones, all you have to do is enter the Google Play Store and search for the application in the Google search box and click on download the application and download it to your mobile phone, once you have finished downloading the application Click on it and open it on the interface of your mobile phone, after which you can benefit from it and its services.

The application helps you manage your phone as it works to improve the work of the phone, after you download the application and activate its work on your phone, you find that the phone has become working faster than before and it also preserves the battery and makes it continue to work for a longer time than before, the application stops the application that works without It works, which causes the battery to drain faster and affects the operation of the phone.

Through the application, you can transfer a group of files and applications to the external memory in order to benefit from the internal memory of the phone. You can back up the phone through this application. A great application that helps you protect your phone and take advantage of everything in it and preserve it so that it works for the longest possible period.

Download the Assistant for Android mobile phone management app

You can download the Assistant for Android application, manage your mobile phone, which helps you to preserve your battery and your phone, by clicking on any of the direct exclusive links for the application, and the application will be downloaded to your phone, open it and enjoy a wide range of features that help you use your phone.The application contains 18 tools, including:

  • It clears the cache.
  • Idle auto brightness.
  • It manages files.
  • Startup manager.
  • phone rings.
  • system size.
  • battery usage.
  • cancel a batch.
  • startup time.
  • system information.
  • batch install.
  • Backup and restore files.
  • App2SD.
  • startup sleep.
  • It saves energy (automatic screen rotation – automatic synchronization – location system – bluetooth – Wi-Fi – vibrates when touched).
  • Follow up (SD card – battery – central processing unit – internal storage – RoM – RaM).
  • Operations) Quick Boost – automatic payment.
  • Clear the system (temporary file – registry file – empty file – empty folder – minify cache – cache – browser history – clipboard – Google Map history – Google Play history – Gamil history – Google Earth history).

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Assistant for Android app features Phone management Latest version

Assistant for Android Phone Manager has a wide range of features, including the following:

  • An application with an easy-to-use interface.
  • A wonderful easy application that contains many tools.
  • The app helps you protect your phone.
  • The application increases the speed of the phone.
  • The app saves your battery for as long as possible.
  • The application shuts down all phones that work in secret.
  • The app got a lot of positive comments and ratings from its users.
  • The application achieved a large number of downloads.
  • The application is available on Google Play.
  • You can download the application on all phones that support the Android system.
  • The application size is very small, it does not require much space on your phone until you download it.

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