Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena

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Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena

1.6.35 Android
evaluation 96 | 2.8
Call of Duty Mobile game, another version of Garena

Now you can Download Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) for Android With a direct link, where we offer you the original and true version of the Call of duty saga, if you are one of those who want war battle games where excitement and suspense, you are here in the right place, as you find one of the most exciting and exciting games, in addition to being suitable for you and everyone Android users in the Arab world, and we give you a huge opportunity to reach the most exciting war battle games with your own team and against all your competitors, and this game is the most downloaded from the group of games produced by Garena Games online, so let us take you with us on a quick tour to discover all the details of this game Fun and exciting.

Download the game (Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) for Android, with a direct link

Your main role here is to attack a group of players from all over the world, as this game is multiplayer in every sense of the word, and this game relies on touch screen phones, to provide you with a way through which you can control all aspects of the game, and then beat your competitors With ease, with your left thumb you can select the character you like, but if you want to control aiming and shooting, leave it to your right thumb.

And you can double tap on your phone screen on the right side of it to be able to use the viewfinder, where you can see the other players.

And on your way to download this game, and to make a fantasy titled by excitement, adventure and suspense, and to compete with a greater number of players and fight the largest War battlesIn addition to collecting weapons and loot from your competitors, you and your friends and family now take the initiative to download Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) for Android with a direct link.

We draw your attention to the fact that the call of duty game is the first version that other companies imitated, and now you can, with one click of a button, enjoy the most exciting game ever through Google Play, or via the link at the bottom of the article.

What distinguishes downloading Call of Duty: Mobile Garena with a war and combat battle from other fighting games?

In light of the talk about downloading Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) apk For Android with a direct link, we note here that what distinguishes this game from others is that it offers you two types of play, either through a team consisting of several people, or playing in a war battle, and this game is one of the battle games that has received acceptance among all, So companies are trying to do the same. This game has 4.2 million downloads.

What also sets this game apart from others is the variety of weapons and multiple maps, and it allows you to choose from a wide range of the latest weapons that help you inflict massive damage to your opponents.

In addition to what was mentioned in the previous points, you can, by pressing the game button, choose between a large number of characters, and this is what makes it characterized by renewal and not bored at all.

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Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) apk levels for Android mobile

  • As you level up, you can switch between more characters.

  • The more you move from one level to the next, the more difficult and dangerous the game becomes.
  • You will not move to the next level until you reach a certain number of points.
  • The game allows you to collect an infinite number of weapons depending on the number of points you have.

Features of downloading the game for Android

  • The game works without the need for the Internet.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • It has a pleasant interface.
  • It allows you to play against a single player, battle or sniper.
  • It gives you a huge number of weapons.
  • Suitable for all Android users.
  • The real and first version of the implementing company.
  • You can control it easily.
  • Suitable for all who love battle and action games.
  • It offers a large number of players from all over the world.
  • You can fire randomly or automatically.

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Download Call of Duty: Mobile (Garena) for Android, with a direct link

Through our article, we give you the opportunity to enjoy the real version of the call of duty game, where you can compete with a large number of players around the world, and give you the ability to manage an entire team of players, direct it and make plans yourself, and here we provide you with a link to the call of duty game In order to share it with everyone you love, hurry up and download it now by downloading the call of duty game

Finally, after all that we have presented to you about the call of duty game, we advise you to download the call of duty game for Android with a direct link, and we leave you, my loved ones, on a tour with your exciting and new game, call of duty, are you excited?

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